Interview with NJoy of NJoy Essentials

By | May 20, 2017
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So Who is NJoy?

This article will be introducing NJoy and NJoy Essentials Natural Hair Products line. NJoy is a lovely lady with a wonderful story to tell. You will find out a little bit more about her – her beliefs and motivation, her NJoy Essentials product line  – as you read through her interview answers that she has kindly taken time out of her busy schedule to address. Read on and be amazed.

interview with njoy of njoy essentials

Question #1:

You have a beautiful and unique name. Is there a meaning behind it?

I’m glad you asked this because there’s a real gem in the answer. NJoy is my online username that has become a part of my actual name.  I had no middle name so, I decided my parents left me an opportunity to choose a name for myself.  I believe that there is power in words that you speak and even in the name that you are called. When I say, “I am NJoy”, what I’m actually speaking over myself is that I am IN joy. That is, in the condition or vibration of joy.  

There was a time in my life when I felt like I had no JOY.  I had responsibilities and accomplishments but life felt heavy.  I knew that the power of death and life are in the tongue and decided that I would speak life and call that thing that was not as though it were. (Oh, somebody knows what I’m talking about here ? ).

I am IN JOY.  Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  And to be in that feeling, that place, is a powerful and creative position.  And so, for the sake of a username, the NJ of NJoy is a play on the fact that I’m from New Jersey originally. So, as a username online and in real life, I am NJoy.

Question #2:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself in a nutshell – your origins, your family, your beliefs, your source of motivation?

I never know how to answer this question. I think my friends would say that I’m a giver, loyal, I love to laugh, family-oriented, spiritual and I always expect to get what I want. I’d add to that that I love to read, write and have a strong drive for success. I love community, setting goals and helping others make it across the finish line. My mother was one who always did for others. I think that’s just in me.  And I’m thankful.

Question #3:

I know that you have a love-affair with hair. I was first introduced to you a few years ago when you were very popular on the hair boards. When did it all begin and what was/is your motivation? Do you have a before and after photo that you would like to share?

I think that more important than a love for hair is that I’m the sort of person that throws myself into things 100%.  So, prior to joining hair boards back in 2010, I really didn’t give much thought to my hair. I may have had scraggly, barely there armpit length hair as my longest length my entire life. Anything and everything came before me.

So, having 4 daughters meant I had no time for my hair. I often put it in a ponytail but, I laugh remembering that my ponytails used to be lifeless and raggedy. Like, I would think it’s hanging down but, if I turned my head left or right, it would stick straight in the opposite direction. I think we all know what that type of ponytail looked like.  And, if I had anywhere special to go, I’d go to a stylist and have my hair done. My hair was not a priority in my life.

 I was invited to the boards after I had my hair cut into layers for the first time in my life. There was a lot of information being shared and, it appeared to me that, through Growth Challenges, women were choosing to grow longer hair and doing it. Not only that, but there were length specific challenges. That was intriguing. I came in with shoulder length hair and was excited about the idea of setting a goal and achieving it.

Remember, I believe that I can have whatever I believe. So, I started hanging out in the midback length and waist length challenges. I loved seeing sisters with long hair and decided that if it could be done, I could do it. And their pictures was proof that it could be done so, I was in 100%.

I stated my waist length by the end of the year goal and started doing what I needed to do to achieve it.  Oh, I know many were thinking “look at this poor little newbie thinking she can grow to waist length from shoulder length in one year. Po’ thang”. I know it. Some have even said as much.

But part of what I had to do was to stay away from all naysayers, all limiting information, and all this-is-not-working threads. I was going to be waist length so I didn’t hang out with those struggling at the length that I was at then. I wanted to talk long hair issues. And by the end of the year, I did reach my waist length goal.

 (attached 1 year before and after pic)

interview with njoy of njoy essentials

Question #4:

What inspired you to create your NJoy Essentials product line? How does it feel to be the creator of products that do wonders for others?

While on the boards, I noticed ladies mentioning hair growth products that were full of chemicals. And during that first month, when I was really excited to jump in and be a part of the group, I tried a few of them too.  But, having family members going through, and subsequently dying of cancer, I didn’t want to put chemicals, and horse products on my scalp, knowing that whatever you put on your skin has the ability to cross the skin barrier into your body. 

So, I started researching natural ingredients that would be beneficial to the scalp and grow hair and created my original formula. I’ve since improved it to make it more moisturizing (because I was transitioning, at that point), less drippy and more stimulating.

Being active in the Challenge, I was sure to post monthly pics of my growth. I didn’t think I was growing any faster until I started passing people in the group. Many asked me to make and sell my growth formula to them.  I repeatedly declined, not because I didn’t want to help but, because I was very open in sharing information and never wanted anyone to second guess what I was saying because I had a product to sell.

I’m a giver.  So, to help as many as I could, I freely gave away the recipe to my formula. Many blogs grabbed it and posted the recipe and my story. I didn’t want anything other than to be a help to others.  But God had other plans.

 Even though I shared the formula online, many continued to ask me to make and sell to them. I continued to refuse and refer them to the recipe for two years until –one day I received a Facebook private message asking me if I still use my formula.

I explained that I had to revise the formula because I was transitioning and the sulfur in the original formula could be too drying.  She then asked if I would make and sell her a bottle. Like with everyone else, I respectfully declined. Same speech. Different day. But she said something that changed everything. 

She said it would be a BLESSING if I sold to her. Huh?!  It is my continual prayer that the Lord would allow me to be a blessing to others, and here she was telling me that selling my formula would be a blessing to her. So, I agreed to make and sell her a bottle.

To this day, I can’t remember her name but, she took our message and posted it on the hair boards. Oh! I had some explaining to do as people were tagging me left and right wondering why I would say yes to her and no to everyone else. So, I agreed to throw up a Paypal link and allow anyone who wanted a bottle to place an order.

I was not prepared for the response that I received. I fully expected 50 orders. I received many more orders than that a day, tons of email messages of support, prayers, and blessings and I was instantly in business.

And once the results started being posted, business took off like wildfire. So, even as I type this, I give all glory to God because this was not my doing. I tried to freely give away out of a giving heart and the Lord blessed it, put it back in my hands and multiplied it.

And I continue to receive messages telling me what a blessing my growth oil has been in their lives. I can’t even describe how humbled and blessed I feel. I did nothing. Every good and perfect thing comes from above and I’m careful not to keep any of the glory for myself.

Question #5:

What would you say is the secret to growing healthy hair? Genetics? Dietary intake? External hair products? Hair handling methods?

I think all of those things have an impact on hair growth. Certainly, genetics plays a part. But even if you are from a long-haired lineage, improper care will keep you from reaching your growth potential. The same can be said for malnutrition (that is insufficient nutrition to support growth) and products, tools and techniques that work against the health of the hair.

 I think the secret to healthy hair growth is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Good health – That includes the health of the scalp, proper hydration from within, good oxygenated blood circulation and dietary supplementation (since we know that the hair, skin, and nails are the last to benefit from daily nutrition, which is woefully insufficient in the typical American diet)
  2. Proper maintenance of the length of the hair grown – This means protecting and maintaining the integrity of the hair strands and particularly the ends.
  3. Stimulating continual growth – This is getting to “the root” of the matter within the hair follicles. This is where the growth oil comes in to increase blood flow, bringing nourishment, and stimulating growth.

I often do hair growth challenges and workshops to further elaborate on each of these points to get maximum results. Sometimes people think that using the oil, itself is enough. Yes, you’ll get growth. But to maximize your hair’s growth potential requires a proper use, a personalized regimen, and consistency, with consistency being key to ANY success.

Question #6

It seems like the whole world is going natural. How do you feel about that as a woman of color? Is this just a trend or do you think it is a re-birth for women of color and their reclaiming of their independence as women of strength, no matter HOW they wear their hair?

I definitely think it’s more than just a trend.  I think this natural movement allows women of color to stand, unapologetically in the fullness of our own natural beauty. There’s power in just being. Being who we are. And a freedom to express our own beauty as we choose without conforming to the old standards of beauty that were imposed on us. I think that’s powerful.

We get to choose to define beauty on our own terms, whether that means wearing an afro that could block out the sun, braids, dreads or even wearing our hair straight. The freedom is in the choice and beauty is in our DNA.  And I love how we’re rocking it!

Question #7:

What is your recommendation for continued healthy hair IF you only had to choose one thing?

I think it’s vitally important to take care of the scalp. Keep it clean, healthy, and happy and from it, hair can continue to grow freely.

Question #8:

We would love to visit your website – is there a link? Also, are you offering a special promotion for anyone reading this article today?

Thank you. You can visit my site at  Right now, we are preparing for our next Super Hair Growth Challenge that will begin on June 1, 2017. 

During this challenge, we discuss how hair grows, how to maximize growth and support each other as we set and reach hair growth goals. There’s no cost to join. It’s my way of sharing everything that I know that has allowed me to grow my relaxed hair from shoulder length to hip length, transition to natural and then grow my natural hair down to my hips as well. 

As I’m typing this, and in preparation for the upcoming Challenge, I have again big chopped my hair down to about 2 inches so that I can show, by example, how to build a regimen, expect growth and grow long, healthy hair. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.  To join us or get more details, sign up at

And yes, here’s a special 20% off discount code for any NJoy Essentials purchase: GrowHair20

I hope that helps.  And I’m always available to answer any questions that you may have at

interview with njoy of njoy essentials

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen – direct from the source. I encourage you to visit NJoy’s website and maybe even take her up on her next hair challenge, I am in!

Thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback.


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