My HotHeads Hair Brush Review 2020!

By | December 18, 2020
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My HotHeads Hair Brush Review 2020

Have you ever heard of HotHeads brushes? Well, let me tell you a little bit about them – I LOVE them. In this article – My HotHeads Brush Review 2020– I will be talking about 3 of the HotHeads brushes that I have been privileged to try and still actively use.

Now, I am sure you are wondering – what is the big deal? A brush is a brush is a brush – well, yes and in some cases, No. Hence my review.

What Is A Hair Brush?

questioning look about what is a hair brush

According to Wikipedia, a hair brush ‘is a stick brush with rigid or soft bristles used in hair care for smoothing, styling, and detangling human hair, or for grooming an animal’s fur. It can also be used for styling with a curling iron or blowdryer.’ [1]

So in layman terms, it is a styling tool created to perform various functions for your hair. The bristles can be made of various types of materials:

  • boars’ hair
  • plastic
  • metal
  • nylon
  • goat’s hair

The handle can be made of:

  • wood
  • ABS plastic
  • polyacetal

It all depends on your needs and personal taste. Whatever you decide you need to keep the health of your hair in mind!

What Are The Benefits Of Brushing Your Hair

Well, when I was a little girl, everyone would swear that brushing your hair 100 times/strokes would make it grow like Rapunzel…and I believed and did try it out. My results – still not yet Rapunzel, but I do know what my hair needs.

A few benefits of brushing:

  • A wonderful massage for your scalp which in turn will help stimulate your roots and increase the blood flow to your scalp and with consistency helps stimulate growth.
  • It removes debris from your hair
  • It helps to distribute your own natural oil along the length of your hair strands
  • One way to keep your hairstyle in order especially with the application of hair care products.

I am sure there might be a few more, however, these are the more common ones thus far.

Best Way To Brush Your Hair

The best way to brush your hair is to:

  • bend at the waist while brushing the hair
  • lay on a bed or sofa (face facing upward) and brush

The trick here is to help the blood flow to the hair roots. When you invert your head, this naturally makes the blood flow towards your scalp and then the added benefit of brushing the hair/scalp, acts like a massage and you will feel energized once you return to an upright position. Your face might even be flushed as well.

It is also very important to use a good brush to get the job done. A hair brush with natural hair bristles would be ideal like boars’ hair bristle is a great start. And like anything else, everything in moderation. Don’t be too over-zealous to brush your hair and cause more issues than you care to have!

The HotHeads Hair Brushes

The brand story behind the creation of the Hotheads Hair Brush started out in an apothecary in Canada when two people – Patricia Coyne and her partner, Michael Victor Vecchiola – wanted to help others take care of their hair to the optimal standard. They sold more than 15 different types of brushes over time and was approached by clientele about making a hair brush that had these features:

  • Gentle
  • Light Weight
  • Ease of Use
  • Tangle Free
  • Painless
  • Performance on all Hair Types
  • and a Quality Finish to the Hair.

They took matters into their hands and the HotHeads Hair Brush was born, and I daresay, they have done a great job!

The shape of the brush is unique with what is called  Captive Ends because they hold the hair inside the barrel and this makes for no slipping off the ends and helps to organize the strands on the bristles. This feature also improves the performance of any hairdryer as it focuses the air between the Captive Ends and this definitely improves any dryer’s performance.

The duo-team studied the effects of regular hair brushes and the effect of the air from a hairdryer (even with a nozzle) tends to move everywhere, not just over the barrel of the brush and this in itself increases the potential of FRIZZ – something no-one wants for their hairstyle.

The 3 brushes that we will be talking about are:hotheads hair brush review

  • Speed Brush
  • The Enforcer Mr. Smoothy
  • Grooming Paddle Plus

Speed Brush

speed brush hotheads

Now, this brush I ABSOLUTELY LOVE – all hands down. In all honesty, I thought this was all hype – you know, the usual descriptive marketing label to make you commit your funds to purchase. Well, was I in for a VERY pleasant surprise.

This Speed Brush is:

  • A patented brush which focuses on air and heat for quicker drying
  • 3D bristle pattern which helps to prevent tangling
  • Reduces frizz
  • Increases your natural shine
  • Adds volume to your tresses
  • Makes your hair sleek and smooth
  • ‘Patented CAPTIVE ENDS™ directs air flow/heat over the brush reducing drying time.’
  • ‘Thermal Conductive Technology for faster heating and cooling’.

I decided to live on the adventurous side. I have naturally curly hair and sometimes I do blow dry it and then flat iron it for a smoother and sleek look – you know, change it up a bit – every woman’s prerogative.

So, I did my usual cleansing and deep-conditioning routine for my hair care.

hair regimen

I then tee-shirt dried it to remove the excess water. I applied a small amount of my homemade leave-in conditioner, separated my air into small manageable sections and then proceeded to start the blow drying process.

Now, I am pro when it comes to my personal hair care. And, in the past, the brushes that I have used to blow dry my hair, did NOT come even close to what the HotHeads Speed Brush did to my hair.

I kid you not!

As I used the brush to dry my hair, I noticed that my hair was indeed smoother and somewhat straighter. I was already blown away in just one section. Of course, not so easily convinced, I said I will wait till I do my whole head.

Well, truth be told, once I was finished with my entire blow drying process, I was VERY impressed with the results. My hair was indeed smooth, shinier, and straighter. I was inclined (and I did) skip the flat ironing. Yes, it was noticeably different.

So, at the risk of being biased, yes, I think this brush is worth its weight in gold. It does just as it says it would.

I even used it on my daughter’s hair and she has waist-length tresses, and same thing – smooth, straighter, and so much better. Oh, and yes, it did take me less time to blow dry my hair.

The Enforcer Mr. Smoothy

hotheads mr smoothy

For starters, I love the playful name – Mr. Smoothy – reminds me of a ‘smoothie’ however, I get the allusion – smooth surface.

Mr. Smoothy:

  • Can be used for all types of textures
  • Has a 3D pattern which helps reduce tangles
  • Fights frizz
  • Increases shine
  • Smooths your strands
  • ‘Patented CAPTIVE ENDS™ directs air flow/heat over the brush reducing drying time.’
  • ‘Thermal Conductive Technology for faster heating and cooling’.

So, once I finished using the Speed Brush, I then proceeded to gently brush my hair with this brush. I guess you could say that it was like ‘icing on the cake’. It seemed to further smooth the cuticle and increase the shine. It was noticeable.

I then added a little coconut oil to bring the sheen up one notch more. I loved it. At this point, I toyed with the idea of continuing my hair process by finishing with the flat ironing part. I finally decided not to. My hair looked that good!

Normally, it is never this smooth after using a brush and I was simply impressed. I decided to just go with the flow at this point. I would go all the way the next time. I suspect that using the flat iron would make my tresses even straighter than it was and for me, it was necessary this time as I was not ‘going anywhere’.

Grooming Paddle Plus

hotheads grooming paddle

Ideally, I prefer not to use too much heat when it comes to my hair care, so I usually just let my curls dry naturally on their own. Of course, when I decide to change things up a bit – that ‘different look’ feeling – I will pull out all the stops.

This Grooming Paddle Brush:

  • 3d bristles – 1/soft nylon for ‘easy detangling and penetration to the scalp’; 2/’natural black boar for adjusting tension’; 3/ natural white boar for increasing shine. A great combination of being gentler on your hair. All-natural fibers.
  • Adds volume
  • Can be used on wet or dry tresses
  • Ergonomically designed to make it easy on the wrist while using
  • Controls frizz
  • Improves ‘micro circulation and exfoliate the scalp’

I did not use this paddle brush on my wet hair because I prefer to allow it to dry naturally or using an old tee-shirt. I did use it once dry and I found its massaging effect a welcome touch.


hotheads brushI did appreciate the fact that it’s light and really easy to ‘handle’. It almost felt ‘feather-light’. It has a great feel to it. I did use it on my daughter’s hair when it was wet, and I found the ‘comb-through’ manageable.


Tried and Tested

So, because Patti and Michael LOVE hair and endeavor always to do the BEST for anyone’s strands. They decided to take testing to another level.

Here are some of the basic yet very important findings:

  • when the brush was heated it did not just rise to the hottest temperature but did so gradually we believe in reducing the damage as it doesn’t shock the hair with excessive heat when drying.
  • then when it came to the cooling the Hotheads brush cooled down 30% faster again and less exposure to excessive heat damage heat and actually giving you a stronger set/hold as it’s the cooling that sets the hair in place.

They did a comparison with 2 other round brushes – one boar bristle with a wood barrel and one with a metal barrel.

For those curious-minded folks who love experiments, you will see the synopsis below.  The main priority of the HotHead Brush Designers is to design a styling brush for a new century.

Priority #1

Create a design that MODERATES excessive heat within the brush Barrel.
Reducing heat damage helping to improve the hair’s health overall while reducing color fading.
Calculating all 9 points of each sample for an average temperature based on the testing results as
Distance, Dryer, and Ambient temperature remain the same for all testing.
HHHB #1 (HotHeadHairBrush)
Is as effective in setting hair while having the ability to MODERATE the heat on the brush barrel when
Sample #1 Temperature reached 51.3C @ 60 seconds.
Sample #A Temperature reached 53.4C @ 60 seconds.
Sample #B Temperature reached 68.2C @ 60 seconds.


Sample #A WOODEN barrel is more damaging by 4.5% than Sample #1.
Sample #B with a METAL barrel is 25% more damaging than sample #1


Priority #2

Create a design concept to reduce drying time.
Focusing on the COOLING stage, rather than the heating stage of the blow-dry process.
Excessive heating results in damaging the hair shaft.
Cooling results in stronger sets, shinier hair, less damage, and shorter cooling;  thus saving time.

At 90 seconds temperatures as follows
Sample #1 Temperature cooled to 39.6C @ 27.1% faster cooling than Sample #B
Sample #A Temperature cooled to 44.6C @ 17.9% faster cooling than Sample #B
Sample # B Temperature cooled to 54.3C @ the highest as the control Temperature.


Sample #1 cooled the fastest @ 39.6C, Overall other Samples.
Sample #A cooled 17.9% faster than Sample #B.
Sample @1 cooled 27.1% faster than Sample #B.


Priority #3

Create a design with better handling & balance for stylists and clients.
Easier handling, improved maneuverability while helping to prevent common holding problems.


Priority #4

Capturing and controlling the maximum heat and airflow from the dryer.

As you can see, the HotHeads Hair Brush team/creators will stop at nothing to ensure that their products work, and work the best for all types and textures of hair. This is what I love about the brand and I am sure you will too! Hop over to their site and have a look around – you will be glad you did.

hotheads hair brush

My Final Thoughts On My HotHeads Hair Brush Review 2020

In all honesty, I loved the brushes. I still use them and have no qualms in making a recommendation for them as a new tool in your hair care arsenal. I think it will be a welcomed change and a surprising one too.

I think the patented feature – the 3D bristles design – is indeed a winner thus far.

Please leave any feedback once you have ‘taken the plunge’!

Updated December 2020


[1] Wikipedia

Images courtesy of HotHeads Hair Brush, Pixabay, UnSplash, and Pexels.

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10 thoughts on “My HotHeads Hair Brush Review 2020!

  1. Sue

    Hi Michelle, Just when I think I have the best hairbrush for my needs, you post an article that makes me want to try new hair care products. LOL! Thank you for this informative article. I have naturally wavy hair and prefer to use a pic to comb it out after washing. When my hair is fairly dry, I’ll brush it and then scrunch it with my hands. I don’t use any heat drying. I’m always in the market for a brush that will be good and gentle on my hair. You presented some excellent choices here.

    All the best,

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there Sue,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, I like these brushes and the amazing results I got from using them. I, too, am not big on using heat, but blow drying and these brushes made a difference to my hair and my daughter’s hair. All the best.

  2. Orion

    Great article Michelle, I too have curly hair and am always on the lookout for the ideal hairbrush to “tame” my curls when the mood strikes me.
    Like you I like to leave my hair curly when I can, not wanting to damage it with too much heat.
    But having silky straight/wavy hair is nice too, and getting the right brush is a challenge.
    Now, this brush set sounds like just the right set for my hair, especially the speed brush, as it can save me the hassle of using a hair iron – which further damages my hair!
    Thanks for this review

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks so much for your thoughts and our visit. Yes, I love my curls. And yes, there are times when you might want to spice it up bit and go ‘straight;’! Yes, I like them. Of course, being able to have the tools to work with, can make all the difference in the world! All the best and do let me know if you get them and how it turns out.

  3. Michael

    Hi Michelle You bring up a good point regarding too much heat when blow drying hair. It has been my experience that next to bleaching and chemical straighteners blow drying is the next largest contributor to over all damage to hair. The main reason I believe is that hair dryers have gotten TOO hot is because the Hair brushes have not kept up with the ever changing technologies. Thanks Michael Victor

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Michael,
      Thanks for stopping by and exchanging your thoughts. You are so ‘on the money’ with your thoughts. Yes, heat damage is not something you want for your hair at all, so it is always a good thing to research and find the best product solution for your hair, or anything that you have to use on your body. And yeah for technology and the new and improved tools for hair care.

  4. Christina

    This is a great selection of brushes. I know when I was young my grandmother would always brush my then very long hair several times before going to bed. She said it would keep it healthy and shiny. As I got older that routine has fallen away. At the end of the day falling into bed is the only thing on my mind.
    I am concerned by how much I brush my hair. I have naturally very curly red hair. This makes it very frizzy. The more I brush the worse it gets. It has only become worse as I age. I would love to be able to brush it more. I am going to try one of these brushes. Is there also a product you could recommend that may help when brushing to prevent some of the frizzing tendency it causes? Your help is appreciated!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Christina,
      Thanks for your visit. Yes, ‘old wives’ tales’, ‘grandma’s best advice’, the works – we have heard them all. In truth, brushing is healthy and like everything else, everything in moderation. Yes, we also have to think about the ‘aging process’ and all that comes with it. I would suggest more deep-conditioning to help reduce frizz, as well as using a sealant. All the best,

  5. GiuliaB

    You finally shed some light on the myths surrounding the concept of hothead hair brushes. My problem, Michelle, is completely opposite to yours. I have not much hair (I used to have a massive mane, which through age and life stress, has gone thinning down with time) and my hair has always been straight, too straight (!!!). Hence I hardly ever use straighteners. Let alone hothead brushes, for fear they may flatten out my hair even more.
    However, I found your review reassuring in so far that it sounds that not only I could use the hothead brushes for drying my hair, but I can safely use them to style my head with no fear od killing volume.
    Thank you ever so much!! And, by the way, fizzy hair ladies, you don’t know how lucky you are 🙂

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Giulia,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, as we mature, our bodies change and sometimes this change is reflected in our hair – it comes with the turf!Yes, these brushes are wonderful to have in your hair arsenal and to that I can attest. You may also remember that you have to change your hair care with your newer body needs as well – it is a better balance. All the best.


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