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Hello, I am Michelle, the face behind this website.  I created this website to help people - not only with their hair health but also with their hobby health. Have you ever thought of making your hobby a source of income using the internet? Here is a FREE GUIDE - to get you started and if you need more help, leave a comment on any of my articles and I will get back to you. Much success and thanks for visiting. Namaste

How Does Keratin Treatment Help Your Hair?

How Does Keratin Treatment Help Your Hair? Having a keratin treatment can mean  a world of difference for some people – whether male or female – and this article will explain what keratin is and how it can make the difference for you and your hair. According to Wikipedia, keratin – ‘is one of a… Read More »

The Beauty Of Essential Oils & Their Uses

  The Beauty of Essential Oils & Their Uses What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are basically oils extracted from various plants : including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels, by various methods of distillation. The method of production/extraction determines whether the oils are cited as distilled or cold-pressed. Methods Of Extraction Distilled… Read More »

All About Environmental Stress Factors On Your Tresses

All About Environmental Stress Factors On Your Tresses To begin this article, I want to make a few things clear. This is no joke, although I chose a thought provoking heading to seize your attention! Everyone goes through some type of stress and unknowingly, this stress can materialize in numerous ways – the effect on… Read More »