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Is There A Hair Loss Treatment That Works?

Is There A Hair Loss Treatment That Works? Looking for a hair loss treatment ? Whether you are a man or a woman, you might find, from time to time, that everyone experiences some type of hair loss; as a matter of fact, just thinking about it, we ALL do – men, women, even children and… Read More »

The Beauty Of Essential Oils & Their Uses

  The Beauty of Essential Oils & Their Uses What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are basically oils extracted from various plants : including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels, by various methods of distillation. The method of production/extraction determines whether the oils are cited as distilled or cold-pressed. Methods Of Extraction Distilled… Read More »

Why Does Your Hair Shed?

What Is Shedding?   Shedding is when old cells are ‘shed’ from our bodies to reveal ‘new cells’ in the form of skin, nails, or hair. Human beings and animals – sea, air, and ground life, plants – all go through some form of rejuvenation in the form of ‘shedding’. We see it more obviously… Read More »