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Protein And Your Hair

What Does Protein Do For Your Hair? In our world today, people are becoming more and more empowered when it comes to hair care – not just in the way of reducing or eliminating chemical treatments for their hair, but also using natural sources to enhance their hair health. Your hair needs protein so let’s talk… Read More »

Steam And Your Hair

What does steam have to do with your hair? A very good question indeed! Steam and your hair play a great symphony together. Basically, this is a process where the steam from either hot or dry heat is used along with simple help aids or a steamer. We will be looking at the definition of… Read More »

What is hair density?

What is hair density and what does that mean for you? What is hair density? Have you ever wondered about your hair density? Or better still, has it even occurred to your mind that hair has density? How do we determine that? How do we describe it? Well, let’s look closer. What is hair density?… Read More »

Baldness and Women

Baldness and Women Although not a frequently discussed topic among women – baldness and women is a very real issue. Let’s discuss baldness and how it affects women, how it can be treated, how it can be camouflaged, and how it can have a psychological effect on women. What is baldness? As outlined by Wikipedia:… Read More »

Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

What does a scalp massage do for your hair growth? We are all familiar with the word massage. Though there are many types of massage, today we will be talking about the scalp massage for hair growth.  We will be looking at the general definition of a massage, how to do a massage, the various… Read More »

How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Superstitions and how to grow your hair faster It is a spooky thought, but, did you know that there are many people in our world who believe in superstitions and how to grow their hair faster? And even about something as simple as their hair? Read on to find out how to grow your hair… Read More »