DIY Hair Job Gone Wrong? Here Are 3 Ways to Fix Your Hair Crimes

By | January 3, 2021
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DIY Hair Job Gone Wrong? Here Are 3 Ways to Fix Your Hair Crimes

Let’s talk about hair crimes – yes, we will return to the scene of the crime – our hair! Many people suffered from hair issues during the pandemic, and the brave ones took it upon themselves to find a solution. Needless to say, their efforts didn’t always turn out well.

The bangs you were excited about turned out too short or uneven. What started as a simple intention to trim your split ends became a drastic hairstyle change. That’s not to mention the woes of those who dyed their hair or covered their roots by themselves.

hair crimes black woman with curly hair

Amateur attempts rarely end up the way you want them to, and you won’t be the first to learn these lessons the hard way. The good news is that fixing your hair crimes is possible. Depending on what you did wrong, you might need better or new equipment to ensure that you get it right this time.

Those Uneven Bangs

Bangs became a viral hair trend during the start of quarantine, and there’s no shortage of videos on social media documenting people cutting theirs. Among those videos are a few inevitable (and hilarious) fails that prove cutting your own bangs isn’t always as easy as it looks.

If you’re among the unfortunate souls – hair crimes victims – who now have to resort to clipping your uneven bangs to the side all the time, then here’s a solution for you: trim it with a razor. Whether it turned out too short or uneven, you can always use a razor to soften the edges. Doing so will allow you to preserve its length while giving it a chic appeal.

If you really think you can’t go out with those bangs, then part your hair differently and gel them to the side. Better yet, use a headband. You can grow them out before scheduling that much-needed appointment at a reputable hair salon in Illinois. With these efforts, no one might even notice when you attend your weekly vocal lessons. Schaumburg climate is so diverse, and you won’t have a shortage of stylish caps, accessories, and hairdos to use while you wait for your bangs to grow.

That Terrible Dye

Dyeing your hair isn’t complicated. At least, not according to the instructions at the back of the product you bought. There are times, though, that simply following directions to the tee won’t guarantee a successful dye. If your hair turned out several shades lighter than you intend, don’t panic. You have several options on how to fix this.

The first one is to dye your hair again with a darker shade. The only trouble with this is that you risk making it too dark if you don’t do it right. The second solution is to try a second application. This time, let it sit for only half the recommended duration so that you’ll achieve your desired shade.

Things get a tad bit more complicated where bleach is involved. When your first dye causes your hair to dry, give it a break from other hair products. Your priority is to wash out the bleach using a shampoo that doesn’t have salt and sulfate. To avoid ruining your hair altogether, consult a professional that specializes in corrective coloring.

That Unflattering Haircut

After the initial shock of your botched haircut, step away from the mirror and gather your composure. Most people only worsen the situation by attempting to fix it while they’re still emotional. What you’ll want to do is to have an objective view of the things that went right and wrong about your haircut. Is one side too long? Are the edges too uneven? Sometimes, a cautious trimming will do the trick and make you feel better.

It would be an entirely different story if your haircut turned out way too different from what you intended. Should this be the case, your best option is to go to a hair salon that abides by strict health protocols. A professional might not be able to regrow your hair magically, but at least they can make it more flattering to your face shape.

Make DIY A Last Resort

Maybe your favorite salon has closed permanently or hasn’t opened yet. It could also be that their rates increased due to the pandemic. You’d rather save money and do it yourself. Whatever the reason may be, always practice caution when cutting, drying, and styling your hair. Invest in quality equipment and products and accept that some haircuts and dyes require practice. Whenever you’re unsure if you can pull something off, trust that a salon or an experienced friend are still better options versus being a victim of your own hair crimes!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash, and Pexels.

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