How To Grow Your Hair Faster

By | April 14, 2017
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Superstitions And How To Grow Your Hair Faster

how to make your hair grow faster

It is a spooky thought, but, did you know that there are many people in our world who believe in superstitions and how to grow their hair faster? And even about something as simple as their hair? Read on to find out how to grow your hair faster and how superstitions might affect your outcome.

The more common superstitions concerning hair are:

  1. Washing your hair every day is not good for you
  2. Cutting your hair will make it grow thicker
  3. Hair that is dirty grows quicker
  4. Oiling your scalp will slow your hair growth
  5. Cutting your hair with the moon will increase growth

What Are Superstitions?

These are simply beliefs that have over time become ‘truths’ in their own way. This is seen more by people who ‘swear’ by them and who encourage others to do so as well. This can be more aptly referred to as ‘old wives tales’ in some instances.

how to make your hair grow faster
In my country, Jamaica, there is a cliché –‘belief kills and belief cures’– it all depends on the extent to which you choose to adhere to a certain practice. So let’s look at the superstitions aforementioned.

Fact Or Myth?

CONCERN #1: Washing your hair every day is not good for your hair.

how to grow your hair faster

In times past, a lot of people would consider a hair wash to be a luxury and most people could not afford this luxury. Over time, it is now commonplace to wash one’s hair and to do so as often as one chooses. In my opinion, what makes washing your hair a ‘bad thing’ is not so much how often you wash it, as much as it is ‘what’ you choose to wash it with.

You can cleanse your hair with water, herbs, clay, conditioner, oils. I no longer use ordinary shampoo as a cleansing agent for my hair. If I choose to use a ‘shampoo product’, I ensure that it is sulfate free and as natural as I can find.

The sulfate contained in a lot of shampoos is the chemical that tends to strip the hair of its natural oil and makes it dry and brittle. It is this reason why washing your hair on a daily basis can be a ‘bad thing’ for your hair. You can wash your hair as often as you feel it necessary. Just be mindful of the cleansing agent you choose to use in the process.

CONCERN #2: Cutting your hair will make it grow quicker and thicker.

how to grow your hair faster

This is a very popular one. Hmm, my thoughts on this one. I tend to agree…to a certain point based on my explanation. It is not so much the cutting of the hair as it is the trimming of the hair. There is a difference between cutting and trimming. The act of putting a pair of scissors to your strands is the same; however, it is the extent to which you go that makes the difference. I will explain.

When you cut your hair, effectively, you are trying to achieve a new look which would indeed make a difference to the one you are now sporting, aka a new hairstyle. You will be cutting more than a few centimeters versus a few inches.

When you decide to trim your hair – this is basically a ‘cutting’ of a few centimeters and certainly not as much as an inch or more.

Now, looking at both ‘cutting options’, I would like to point out whether this is myth or fact. When you trim your hair, you are trimming away split ends which will effectively make your hair appear healthier and more alive – because all the ‘dead, scraggly ends’ have been trimmed. It will even appear thicker because now you can no longer see through the scraggly ends that you once sported.

Of course, this small reduction in ‘length’ will most certainly not give the ‘impression’ that your hair has grown, it will only make it appear healthier; in time, it will grow and as long as you continue to preserve the health of your hair, it will look healthy.

So, in this regard, I think this is a superstition.

CONCERN #3 – Hair that is dirty grows quicker.

First of all, no one likes to be near a head that smells or even looks dirty! I can in no way see how this that this could even be remotely true! As far as I am concerned, only a seed planted in the earth will grow, and of course, with constant watering, it will also flourish. I can’t see this happening with a dirty head of hair!

A head of hair that has not been cleansed for long periods of time, will only have results of bad smells – a combination of body oils, sweat, and environmental dust all rolled in one. AND when this happens, your pores will be clogged and all that you will have is dandruff or flaking cells which will only further aggravate the already stagnant position.

So, no, in my opinion to this superstition.

CONCERN #4: Oiling your scalp will slow your hair growth.

how to grow your hair faster

For starters, your hair loves oils! The natural sebum that is produced on the scalp is a natural oil product and it helps to moisturize your hair naturally. There are lots of natural oils as well as oil essences which can mimic that effect. One very commonly used oil is the jojoba oil which has been said to be the closest oil to our naturally produced sebum.

The only way that I can see oils slowing the growth of your hair is when the oils being added on the scalp are too heavy and residual and this results in dust particles attaching themselves to the oils and causing the pores to be clogged. It is in this instance where it would be suggested that if you plan on using oils regularly to apply to your scalp, then you should always follow a cleansing regimen that will allow the oils to be absorbed and any excess to be cleansed in a timely fashion.

And so, another myth to be dispelled.

CONCERN #5: Cutting your hair with the moon will increase growth.

how to make your hair grow faster

As a nature lover, I am more prone to believe this one. The moon plays a very positive role in our environment in more ways than one. The farmers use the moon phases to plant and reap their crops, and with great results, so I think they must be on to something.

The moon governs the way our world is affected by water. The world is made up of 80% water. You can see the effect of the moon phases on water when the tides rise and ebb. I point this out to also remind you that our body is made up of 80% water as well and this will naturally be one very natural reason that the moon phases will also affect us.

Anthony Morrocco of The Morrocan Method swears by the moon and has spent a great part of his life doing research and has also produced great natural hair products to be used alone or in conjunction with the moon phases. He also has compiled a hair chart where he highlights the best time to strengthen, lengthen, beautify, rootwork, thicken, just simply when to nurture your hair.

I have been following his hair charts and I have noticed great health for my hair. SO, yes, this is no superstition, it is a fact that I have lived and wholeheartedly endorse.

Now, as with anything that you read or hear, I would recommend that you do your own research in order to make an informed decision. I can only provide the stimulation and motivation to you and then for you to take action based on your thoughts.

I would love to hear your feedback, superstitions, and experience. Please leave your comments in the section provided. Thank you.

how to grow your hair faster



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