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By | January 16, 2017
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Does Trimming Your Hair Make it Grow Faster?


We have all heard that it if you trim your hair, it will grow faster. Well, there are reasons for trimming your hair. Let’s look at a few reasons for putting that scissors close.


  • removes split ends and allow the strand to maintain its integrity
  • reduces hair knots
  • makes for an easier comb through

Removes split ends and allow the strand to maintain its integrity

We need to realize that once the hair strand leaves the root and emerges from the scalp, the hair strand is ‘dead’, i.e. no longer alive. Your hair lives inside the dermis and epidermis where the follicle receives all its nutrient to ‘grow out of the scalp’.

The best way to care for your hair once it emerges is to treat it like old silk because it is fragile. Your hair needs to be loved constantly. It needs to be moisturized and kept supple and trimmed. Too much manipulation will only result in damaged hair.

If your hair is too dry,  it may split and to stop the splitting from going all the way up to the root, then it is best to trim away the damaged end to maintain its integrity.

Reduces Hair Knots

Some hair is prone to knots or fairy knots as they are sometimes referred to. These are simply tiny knots created by the hair brushing against clothing, the hair itself or anything that comes in contact with loose hair.

The hair just knots into itself. The best way to slow or reduce fairy knots is to periodically trim them. If you run your finger through your hair and come upon a snag, chances are it is a knot, and if you feel it between your fingers, you will feel the tiny uneven surface.

If nothing is done, it will lead to hair breakage and reduce hair length which will give you the idea of no hair growth.

Makes For An Easy Comb Through

Quite simply, giving your hair ends a trim, preferably every 6-8 weeks, will make for an easy comb through. There will be less snags and tangles.

Does Trimming The Hair With The Moon Cycle Affect Your Hair?

The moon and its cycle affect a lot of things; the fact is that we do not notice these little things and how they affect our life, environment, and bodies. Let’s take a closer look.

Trimming hair on the moon cycle

moon phases

The moon ‘grows’ every 30 days. It gets full and then it reduces itself. You can see this by looking up in the sky on any given night and you will see half moon, sliver or banana moon, various aspects of it on the way to being a beautiful round circle of gorgeous light.

It is thought, that as the moon starts getting bigger (waxing), its energetic pull is at its highest. Think about the tides when the moon is full. The seas, oceans, bodies of water all seem to get full and expand. It is during this phase that having a haircut is greatly encouraged as it is touted that the pull on the energetic field will indeed help the hair to grow as well.

The full moon helps makes hair grow resulting in beautiful healthy and longer hair. Remember, you are trimming away damaged ends and this will result in healthier looking hair. During this moon phase, hair treatments like deep conditioners, hair masks are also encouraged to best work their magic as well

Ways to Trim Natural Curls


  • search and destroy – this takes up some amount of time, but you will feel more confident in the end. You simply take your time to examine small chunks of hair or even a few individual strands and then trim away the split ends.
  • trimming individual twists or braids – this is a quicker way to trim hair ends. You simply trim the ends of the twists or braids. You will see the difference. Your twist may uncurl once you are finished. This is very easy to do.
  • the straight hair trim – you can blow-dry or flat iron your hair for a sleeker look and then have more defined access to your hair ends before trimming. You can see the rough ends and also have more control over how much you choose to trim away.
  • the natural curl trim – this is when your hair is curly and you just want to go with the curl. In this case, a good way to do this, is to trim that part of your curl that no longer curls. You will be able to see this better once the hair is wet. Your curls will ‘come alive’ and the ones that don’t – you say bye-bye with a little snip!

Final thought on Trimming Hair

Trimming your hair ends will lead to a smooth comb through, less snags, less hair splitting and result in better care of your hair and increased hair length – the way we consider proof of hair growth.

Two things to remember:

  • remember, you are trimming, not cutting the ends of your hair, so about 1/8 of an inch should be enough depending on your hair health.
  • ALWAYS us a good pair of Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears to get the job done!

I would love to HAIR your feedback. And I hope you have enjoyed this article and the play on words.

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Information Resources

Morrocan Method – a great source for information on a Lunar Chart for Hair Care.

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