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What Is Hair Elasticity?

What Is Hair Elasticity? I am sure many of us who know what an elastic band is…it is a pliable piece of string that can be contorted in numerous ways without losing its shape, of course, if you stretch it too much, it might snap. So it should be easy to bring a picture to… Read More »

What Is Deep Conditioning?

Is deep conditioning really necessary? It is often a common subject among women on various hair boards – you need to deep condition your hair often – but just what is this all about? Let’s examine the name, the process, the advantages as well as the disadvantages, the products, the equipment, and the final thoughts… Read More »

How to detect porous or non-porous hair

  Is Your Hair Porous Or Non-Porous? So how do you tell if your hair is porous or non-porous? What does the term really mean? What is your hair type? Is there a connection to it? Let’s take a look. What Does The Term Really Mean? According to ‘Porosity is the quality of being… Read More »

Dominican Blowout On Natural Hair

My Experience in a Dominican Hair Salon This is my experience of a Dominican blowout on natural hair. Ok, so, I am a woman with natural hair and I LOVE the fact that I no longer depend on hair products with any type of chemicals which may or have the potential to cause damage to my… Read More »