The Science Of Black Hair

By | August 25, 2016
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Book Recommendation

As the cliche goes – information is key! However, what makes it the key is putting the information that you get into action! Just knowing and not doing does not help anyone.  Here is a book about one woman’s hair journey and how she researched and fine-tuned the information she found, and then put it on the market for ready access to other women and men to inform and educate themselves about their crowning glory.

The Science of Black Hair by  Audrey Davis-Sivasothy


the science of black hair book

This book delves into the uncharted course of black hair care for the beginner through the eyes of its author. It is a technical layout for hair and is very detailed. The author combines hair science, research, and testimonies which examine black hair on a much deeper level. There are full-color photographs and color-tab organization which enhances the whole reading experience.

Readers Will Learn How To:

  • maintain chemically-treated or natural hair in the best health
  • stop hair breakage using protein/moisture balancing method
  • regulate product pH balance resulting in shinier and healthier hair
  • grow longer, stronger and healthier hair for all times

Other Features Include:

  • building a hair care regimen
  • glossary of ingredients
  • interviews
  • actual hair photos at a microscopic level

In my opinion, it is worth a read if you are serious about black hair care. You can never know ‘too much’ about hair. Our hair health is just as important to our well-being as our general body health. As a matter of fact, they go hand in hand. Good health means good hair health too.

Your time will be well spent if you decide to delve in and read the nuggets that you will find in this book about hair, hair care, and hair tips. I would love to hear your feedback once you have given it a read!

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