What Is Hair?

By | August 25, 2016
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 What Is Hair?

Hair, in its natural untouched form, has many colors, lengths, shapes, textures, and style – a whole new world in itself. And obviously, something that we all love to have, especially when it is on the top of our heads’!

Of course, we have hair ALL over our bodies, but the focus on our heads makes ‘prime-time television news’!

little girl with beautiful hair



H – heavenly frame which holds your face

A – always a place of focus when one first meets

I – infused with color and character in its shape

R – rarely a staple as we age!


I hope you had a laugh at my poetic explanation of HAIR! I know I did.

It is true, people often spend a lot of time fussing with their hair.


Well, it is all about first impressions. How do I look? How do you see me? We all want to ‘look good’ and our hair helps us with that. We can wear a drab outfit, but what makes us ‘wear it with style’ is knowing that the ‘frame for our face’ does us justice by ‘knocking the socks’ off its viewers! We get so focused on the hair that we pay little or no attention to the outfit!

Everyone loves a healthy head of hair. Of course, like a computer – GIGO-garbage in, garbage out…we need to remind ourselves that it is indeed what we put in our bodies that helps to dictate what we ‘put out’.

Nutrition is key.

After nutrition comes maintenance. Like a well-oiled engine, if we do not care our hair, there will be no guarantees to its permanence. Using natural products helps to minimize the chemical additives that can be found in some hair products. Naturally, all natural products will need some additive to increase shelf life, however, it does not have to be rife with other substances that sometimes negate their presence in its ingredients.

Beautiful hair in its natural state is priceless but it comes with a price – constant care. You have to love your hair and care enough about it to bask in its beauty, which will show as a result of your dedication.

To this end, is my purpose with this website.

Let the games begin!

What Is All The Hype About Hair Types?

Hair Typing

What exactly is ‘hair typing’?

We hear it so often on the numerous hair boards – “I am a type 3a, 4b, ” and the list continues.
For starters, in as a simple word as possible – hair typing is a ‘grade‘ given to the various different types of hair texture for everyone – not just black or white or Indian hair, but also including the hair on the male heads!Though, of course, the men tend not to focus too much on their hair with as much intensity as the women. Well, it is just another way to ‘organize‘ the ‘type of texture‘ that our hair strands have.

So, how did this hair typing begin?

Well, in the not too distant past, a well-known hair stylist decided to take matters in his own hands and empower people with the knowledge that all hair texture is ‘not created equally’ and wrote a book about it.

It is a very informative book – Andre Talks Hair – written by Andre Walker, who is more commonly known as the hair stylist for Oprah Winfrey – and we all know how beautiful and flexible her hair has been under the magical touch of his hands!

As you can see below, here is the hair typing system chart that he created and which has become a much accepted ‘hair texture chart’ for all types of hair.

hair chart about what is hair texture typing


Take a look and see where your strand fits and use that as a guideline to help your hair look its best.

I hope you have found this information useful in some way. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section and thank you for visiting.

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6 thoughts on “What Is Hair?

  1. angelce903


    I really enjoyed your post! It’s really cute and a good introduction to your website. I really enjoyed your theme by the way – I chose the same! I wish you good luck with your blog as I will never get enough having rsources for the care of black hair. And I want more and more to turn to natural products because I realized that man-made products damaged my hair a lot… Good job and keep going!

    1. Michelle

      Hello there Angelce903,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by – I appreciate it. I am a work-in-progress and I hope as time progresses, I will get more information to educate and inform others of the natural way of hair care. Please come back from time to time and see what gives… and of course, I enjoy your feedback.

  2. Barbara

    Hi Michelle, I read with great interest this page “What Is Hair” as I have a hair extensions and caring for your natural hair underneath website. And I love your hair poem.

    With the ongoing discussion about our hair and the choice between extensions, processed, and natural hair, I continue to be intrigued about how each of us makes this choice for ourselves and the pros and cons of the maintenance involved with that choice. I have always been a relaxer girl myself because natural always seemed like too much work.

    Was going natural an easy choice for you? I am interested in more of what say and will be revisiting your site.

    Best wishes for your success,

    1. Michelle

      Hello there Barbara,

      First of all, thanks for visiting my site and giving such kind words.

      Yes, it is and was also, a learning curve for me when I made the choice to go ‘natural’. Looking back, I have no regrets. It was certainly a good decision, and like any other decision, it has to be done in ‘one’s own time’ – you have to be ready to accept the changes and ‘roll with the punches’. And naturally (no pun intended), armed with information for the change.

      It might be scary at first, which I was, but over time, I have come to love the flexibility and natural texture of my hair.

      I did some research, ok, well, MUCH research before I jumped in. This is key,especially if you are in a traditional work place and you need to consider the acceptance or open mindedness of the employer and employees with respect to dress requirements. Yes, this might not be a great thing in some instances, and you still need to be aware of company policy.

      Other than that, you always have options: wigs to cover your change until you get accustomed to it – seeing and styling it; or even extensions (which you mentioned that you are familiar with); there are ways to slowly ease your way into natural territory.

      Well, please stop by again and leave any questions you might add and I will get back to you.


  3. ririj

    Hello, well I think I am a 2C! I have noticed that many people dislike the concept of hair typing so I tend to have to be creative in finding ways to describe hair to avoid offending!

    I will tell you what my latest obsession is about my hair. My hair is one of the things that people like about my appearance, but I find it too hot and I literally wear it up all the time. I tried a high pony yesterday instead. I lasted for a little while. Any suggestions?

    I really like your hair acronym! Great job!

    1. Michelle

      Hello there RiRi J,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, trying to determine the true ‘type’ of your hair can be a challenge sometimes. I find that enlisting a trusted friend to help, goes a long way. I think it all boils down to lack of adequate information when it comes to people ‘disliking’ hair typing. In my opinion, there is nothing ‘wrong’ in knowing what your hair texture can be cited as, especially when ti comes to hair care.

      Your hair looks beautiful from your avatar. Hmmm, suggestions! High ponytails are great. Have you ever tried braiding the ponytail and them wrapping it around itself into a chic bun? And, maybe wrapping it also with a nice colorful bandanna, if you are in hair accessories? You can maybe try single, fish braid too. It is one braid so hopefully that won’t be too bothersome for you in terms of making your neck feel hot.

      If I think of anything else, I will send you a note.

      Much success on your hair journey.



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