If You Love It, It Will Grow!!

By | August 25, 2016
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As a woman, or a man for that matter, one of the things that we find ourselves occupied with – is the subject about our hair – that frame than envelopes our face! After our smile, that seems to be the next thing that people see – in my opinion.

It is important to feel comfortable in your skin once you set foot out of your door – feel good about how your hair looks and how people will react to you once they see you! Now, hold on a minute, I am not asking you to make people become validators for who you are and what you look like – not at all!

I am simply reminding you that your hair which frames your face, is important to how people interact with you. In other words, they can either spend time looking at your hair and then simply loading you up with compliments about it or on the other side of the coin – asking themselves in their mind’s eye – ‘what on earth was she thinking?’

This book is simply a book about hair care and great tips to get you started and to make sure that the tips can become a part of your regimen. It is a good read. Check it out!


if you love your hair it will grow

Author Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D., a fitness specialist and natural hair guru.  The book explains how to grow, maintain and have healthy, long black hair.You can she see that she practices what she preaches by her beautiful hair.

There is information about:

  • how black/afro-textured hair grows and why it’s unique from other hair types
  • how to stop hair breakage and hair loss common to many women with afro-textured hair
  • how to eat healthy in order to maximize hair growth potential
  • how to create a hair regimen
  • how to leverage the power of Ayurveda


This review quote is a sure ‘tell-all’ about this book –

“If You Love It, It Will Grow isn’t simply a clever title…it’s the truth! I hope that you enjoy If You Love It, It Will Grow as much as I have and that Dr. Phoenyx’s expert advice is as good to your afro-textured hair as it has been to mine!” – Jamilah Lemieux. Editor, EBONY.com

Give it a read and see if the information given can help make your tresses the beauty that you seek!

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