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Your Mane Concern

Book Recommendation E-book : ‘Your Mane Concern : Secrets to healthy hair and scalp’ by Stephanie Anderson If you are wanting to have more information about hair care, how about browsing through this e-book that trichologist, Stephanie Anderson has spent some time to compile. She considers herself ‘a healthy hair advocate and a professional in the… Read More »

Grow It!

  Book Recommendation Taking care of your hair is a very important job that you owe it to yourself to take some time and make it happen. I know that looking good ‘from head to toes’ is not just a cliche that ‘other people’ use. We ALL want to be beautiful starting from the top of… Read More »

The Science Of Black Hair

Book Recommendation As the cliche goes – information is key! However, what makes it the key is putting the information that you get into action! Just knowing and not doing does not help anyone.  Here is a book about one woman’s hair journey and how she researched and fine-tuned the information she found, and then put… Read More »

If You Love It, It Will Grow!!

Book Recommendation IF YOU LOVE IT, IT WILL GROW!! As a woman, or a man for that matter, one of the things that we find ourselves occupied with – is the subject about our hair – that frame than envelopes our face! After our smile, that seems to be the next thing that people see – in… Read More »