Growth Tips For Natural Hair That Work Any Day!

By | March 4, 2019
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hand in hair - growth tips for healthy long black natural hairGrowth Tips For Natural Hair That Work Any Day!

As a woman, we are all conscious of our hair – I am sure that you are familiar with the term – bad hair day! We all would like to have growth tips for natural hair any day!

We all want to look good at all times. In this article, I will give some tips to help make this a common reality for you and your hair. Let’s get started.

Tips From My Lips To Your Hair

It is no secret that MOST women if not, EVERY woman wants to have healthy hair. Of course, the length preference might vary but health is foremost to length in most cases. This article will be focusing on growth tips for natural hair that you can do to enhance the growth, health, and length of your hair – of any texture or ethnic background.

Now, there are a few basics.

NO matter what you may have heard before this article, all hair grows. The speed may and sometimes will vary, but once we are all ALIVE and in this world, your hair does grow, even though it might not appear to be doing just that!

Throughout your life, you are a living being and there will be growth and change. Your hair and nails are made with the same ‘ingredients’ – keratin and silica – and lots of other great components which make our skin, hair, and nails strong.


As with anything else, good nutrition will, in turn, determine the healthy state of any body. If we eat according to the food pyramid, chances are, we will have a fairly healthy body which in turn will produce healthy hair.

As the cliche goes: GIGO – garbage in, garbage out!


Food pyramid Growth Tips For Long Healthy Black Natural Hair




Exercise or any form of exaggerated body movements – yes, that too – for those of us who think above and below the waistline…will contribute to a healthy body.

emoji-hmm - growth tips for long healthy black hair

The whole idea behind the exercise is to get the blood circulating and delivering the nutrients to every part of the body. There are a few exercises which have been said to increase hair growth potential in a few days of practice.

I am referring to the inversion method. This is where you hang your head over the edge of a bed or sofa for at least 4 minutes to allow the blood to rush to the top of the head and in so doing, bring a ‘more directed’ flow of blood towards the root of the hair follicle.

You would do this position after massaging a warm oil of your choice into the scalp and hair. You should do this exercise for 7 continuous days to see some result. The verdict is still out on this method. The principle is a ‘sound’ one – increased blood flow means more circulation. This method reminds me of the yoga pose ‘downward dog’.

I found this video on Youtube to give you an idea of this method.

Of course, basic exercises like walking (power walking, a plus), jogging, swimming, to name a few, will all benefit the body by getting the blood circulated to all the right spots. These are the simple growth tips for long healthy black natural hair and just about for any type of hair, quite honestly.


 water and Growth Tips For Long Healthy Black Natural Hair


Water is wonderful for the body – inside and out. Water is one of the best growth tips for long healthy black natural hair – and any hair for that matter! Drinking lots of water or a fair amount daily will do your body lots of good. It flushes out the toxins and it hydrates the cells. This, in turn, creates moisture all around.

Another important note about water and hair is the fact that not all water is ‘created’ equal. What determines the ‘quality’ of the water is sometimes decided by the city (if your water comes from the city) or nature (if your water comes from a well).

Hard water, which is too chemically over-treated, will not ‘nurture’ your hair – your hair will tend to feel hard, dry and brittle. Of course, you can counter this by ensuring that you deep condition on a regular basis or if you are able to, use a filter added on to your pipe/faucet.


Deep conditioning is a great way to add moisture and strengthen your natural hair. You can do this after every wash or maybe once a month as your time and products allow. Once your hair is moisturized and strengthened, it can only lead to an end result of healthy, longer and stronger tresses.

I find this to be one of the most powerful growth tips for long healthy black natural hair in this article. I have seen drastic changes in my hair just by doing a deep conditioning process on my hair each week. It has benefited my hair a lot! Of course, you do not have to do a deep conditioning process every week, I choose to do that based on my hair texture and condition.

Protective Styling

By practising protective styling on your hair, i.e. ‘hiding away’ the ends of your hair, you will see a remarkable difference in your hair care. As your hair gets longer, it gets older and more fragile. Think of your hair as antique silk, it needs to be ‘handled’ with care and gentleness to preserve its integrity.

The less hanipulation (personally coined word from hand and manipulation), the better it is for your hair. This can take the form of hands, combs, brushes, coat collars, fabrics on a whole which come in contact with your hair. A good fabric covering for your hair is anything

This can take the form of hands, combs, brushes, coat collars, fabrics on a whole which come in contact with your hair. A good fabric covering for your hair is anything silk. Cotton tends to absorb the natural oils from your scalp which travels down to your hair and leaves it dry. Using a silk wrap minimizes that problem and somehow your hair does not get caught in the threading of the fabric, which can also result in hair breakage which in turn means shorter hair.

If you think about it for a second – the women who wear head covers (especially due to their cultural backgrounds) tend to have a beautiful head of hair. It is my opinion, that this is a contributory factor because their hair is constantly being covered and protected from environmental damage, i.e. the sun, the wind, the dryness/oxygenation.

growth tips for long healthy black hair toasted bread

To give you a quick example which you can perform for yourself.

In the morning, leave a slice of bread on your counter from say, 08:00 am until about 12 noon. You will notice that the air will have dried it to some extent. This is what happens to your hair as well. If you were to cover that slice of bread with a bread cover or plastic bag, it would still retain some of its moisture after some time.

I am not saying that your hair should always be covered, but at least at some time when you have to face the elements, wear a hat or scarf in direct sun and of course, moisturize and seal your hair to maximize its softness, sheen, and beauty.

Keeping the moisture in your hair is tantamount to ensuring that your hair maintains its suppleness and can easily be seen as one of the great and necessary growth tips for long healthy black natural hair.


Doing oil rinses on your hair after a cleansing is another great way to help ‘lock’ in the moisture for your hair. There are a few women who swear to the fact that ‘oiling’ has contributed to their length retention. It can get a bit messy, but I think it is a small price to pay if the results are healthy, strong and longer hair.

Olive oil and coconut oil are two popular oils used for hair oiling.

More Use Of Natural Products

With the advent of people wanting to be more natural-oriented in their product use, manufacturers are listening. There are a lot more natural-based hair products on the market for hair care. This surely makes a big difference.

Less chemical usage in products, means less harsh component to strip, damage or hurt your hair strands. Not only can you get pre-made natural products, but people are also being creative in making hair products for themselves as well.


using scissors and growth tips for long healthy black natural hair

Yes, women are not too willing to trim their hair especially when they want to retain length. Actually, they may even consider the process counter-productive. To the contrary. In my opinion, trimming away split ends before they crawl upwards, is one sure way to ensure healthier and longer hair in the long term.

An easy way to trim your hair is to simply make small sections, twirl it in a twist, and then trim the loose ends you will see protruding from the twist itself. These are more often than not, split ends. If you don’t trust your eyes or hands, then have a professional hairdresser that you trust, to help you. Trims are best done around every 6 -8 weeks.

Scalp Massages

Aaah, a scalp massage. A gentle movement of the pads of the fingers creating soft pressure on the scalp. This is a little bit of heaven – moreso, if it is being done for you.  You can do this yourself for a few minutes each day or as your time permits, to increase blood flow to the scalp. This is providing more nourishment to the root of the hair follicle. Incorporating this step into your hair care routine will surely make a difference to your hair and scalp, over time.

My Final Thoughts On

Growth Tips For Natural Hair That Work Any Day!

Anyone – man or woman – always wants to have beautiful hair. It is my hope that this article on Growth Tips For Long Healthy Black Natural Hair will prove to be a good informational source.

In order to always having your hair look its best, you have to be consistent with your hair care regimen. You can’t do it ‘right’ for one day and then expect miracles in a few weeks – you have to be consistent in all your hair practices. It takes time and effort.

These are just a few tips to help you on your hair journey to a beautiful head of your crowning glory.  You have to use them and do so often to see wonderful results.

All the best on your hair journey.

Please leave your comments and your ideas in the comment box. I would love to hear from you.

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