How To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

By | September 15, 2017
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Have You Ever Thought Of Using Curry Leaves For Hair Growth?

how to use curry leaves for hair growth

Like any other woman, I am constantly on the ‘prowl’ for the next best thing to use for a beautiful head of hair. Anything to make it healthy, long, shiny, and simply luxurious!

I recently came across the wonderful curry leaves and how they can help you achieve nirvana in your hair care. Yes, the curry smell might make you rethink your choice, however, the benefits might make you a believer in using curry leaves for your hair growth.

Using Plants In Hair Care

Women in India have been using curry leaves as a part of their hair care for ages. And I am sure you will agree with me that their hair is beautiful in more ways than one:

  • Long
  • Shiny
  • Strong
  • Full of volume

how to use curry leaves for hair growth

I have often wondered about their hair secrets. I know that they use a lot of natural hair products in their hair care. They use herbs in powdered forms which they make into pastes and apply as hair masks. A few of my personal favorites are:

Along with the powder herbs, come the oils.

how to use curry leaves for hair growth

It is not unusual that these women also use oils in their hair care. They make oils from these same plants as well. The whole plant goes into the hair care and maintenance. Some of the more popular oils that I often use and have fallen in love with are:

The list could go on and on, however, today our topic is about the curry leaves and their impact that it can have on your hair.

What Are Curry Leaves


how to use curry leaves for hair growth

According to Wikipedia, ‘The curry tree (Murraya koenigii) is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae (the rue family, which includes rue, citrus, and satinwood), which is native to India and Sri Lanka.’ [1]

Even though the curry tree is indigenous to East India, it can also be cultivated in other parts of the world as well.

Often used in curries, the leaves are generally called by the name ‘curry leaves’, although they are also literally ‘sweet neem leaves’ in most Indian languages (as opposed to ordinary neem leaves which are very bitter and in the family Meliaceae, not Rutaceae).'[1]

Benefits Of Curry Leaves

On a whole, the curry leaf is a great natural product for your general health and I guess, we could say that it is icing on the cake for the health of your hair as well. My general thought on hair care and natural products is quite simple – if you can eat it, you can wear it!

The fact that you can ingest a lot of these plant products, makes it easier to incorporate it into any health or hair care regimen. We will look at the general advantages that the curry leaves have for the overall health and then define it for the hair care.

Curry leaves are touted to have anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and hepato-protective (capability to protect the liver from damage) properties. The roots can be used for treating various body aches while the bark can be used to help treat snake bites.

Health Benefits

  • It helps with digestion and gastrointestinal protection
  • Helps to fight acne
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Cures diarrhea
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Cancer-fighting properties

Hair Benefits

  • Promotes hair growth once used consistently
  • Conditions hair and makes it softer
  • Helps to stave off gray hairs and premature graying when used consistently
  • Enhances hair color
  • Strengthens hair strands
  • Helps to prevent scalp issues like dandruff

Recipes Using Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

Curry Oil Infusion

  • a bunch of curry leaves
  • carrier oil – coconut, jojoba, castor
  • clean glass bottle
  • cheesecloth

Method I

Wash leaves and ensure that that they are completely dried. You can lay them for a few hours on a paper towel to ensure that all the moisture or wetness is absorbed. Once ready, fill the bottle with the leaves as much as you can, depending on the size of your bottle. Leave a little breathing space near the top.

Add a generous amount of your carrier oil of choice to fill the bottle. Leave the bottle on a windowsill or somewhere where it will get sunlight daily for 4-6 weeks. It is a long process but it is so worth it.

After the oil has been infused, strain it with the cheesecloth and then pour into another glass bottle ready to be used. Store in a dark yet cool place. Because we are using natural products, the shelf life is much lessened before it becomes unstable. If you like, you can add a few drops of Vitamin E which will act as a natural preservative.

Method II

With this method, we will be heating the curry leaves first. Depending on how much curry oil you choose to make, add enough to cover the leaves in the pot. Let the leaf and oil simmer for about 10 mins. The leaves should be sort of crispy. Allow the mixture to cool. Strain through cheesecloth and store in a glass bottle in a cool dark cupboard.

You can apply the curry oil to your scalp, massaging it as you apply. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for about 30 mins. Then rinse, condition, and style as usual.

Curry Paste Hair Mask

  • curry powder made from curry leaves
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until a paste is formed. You determine the consistency you like, which will depend on your hair’s density and length. After mixing, apply to hair – you can do this paste on dry or freshly cleansed hair. In my opinion, I think it is best to apply this mask on dry hair. Cover with a plastic cap and allow the mask to nourish your strands for at least 30 mins.

Cleanse as usual, then as an additional treat, deep condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Then style as usual. I recommend doing this mask maybe once a week with consistency to see any type of growth. Your hair will reward you for it.

Curry Based Shampoo

  • curry powder or curry leaves
  • Castille soap (liquid or make slivers from the soap and add water)
  • coconut oil


In a pot, combine all the ingredients. Cook over a low heat for a few minutes, about 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool. Pour into a glass bottle for storage. Use as a hair cleanser, followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

My Final Thoughts On How To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

I love using the goodness of Mother Nature in my hair care regimen. I love using curry in my cooking and as a hair growth aid, I am willing to try it as well. Have you ever tried using curry leaves in your hair care?

I would love to hear your feedback. Have a happy hair journey.

how to use curry leaves for hair growth




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18 thoughts on “How To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

  1. Kevon

    What??!! Curry leaves for your hair? Totally caught me by surprise. Being part Indian I use curry all the time. Curry leaves are easily accessible in my neck of the woods.

    Alas, though, I’m losing my hair. So shiny, softer hair is the least of my concerns. My main question is, can curry leaves be used for hair re-growth? Growth is one thing. But what about re-growth?

    Thanks a mil

    1. Michelle Post author

      LOL…hello there, Kevon. You made me laugh really hard!! Thanks.

      Now, back to being serious…lol. I appreciate your visit and your comment. Yes, I love curry. Initially, when I visited India in 1992, I was overwhelmed with that ‘type’ of curry and I had ‘everything’ curry – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – I kid you not. When I returned home…I did not have curry for quite a spell. However, times have passed and I now know and welcome, everything in moderation – even natural products.

      Yes, there is a difference between growth and re-growth. To be honest, like most habits, it depends on the consistency of the application and the mindset – You have to believe that it will work/help your cause. In my country, there is a saying – ‘belief kills and belief cures’ – I guess it all depends on the individual and how they ‘feel’ about issues and solutions.

      I am sorry that I can’t give you a ‘cut and dry’ answer, however, I will tell you as much as I know. The rest is up to you and your efforts to the cause.

      As a matter of fact, you might want to check out the article I wrote about onions and hair growth, they say that onions help with growth and regrowth. You can read about it here

      Thanks for stopping by and much success on your hair journey as well.

  2. Annie Collyer

    Curry leaves indeed! Amazing. As you say, Michelle, if you can eat it you can wear it!
    I enjoy Indian, Thai and other curries. I always thought curry was like Garam Masala, a combination of spices. I never realized there is a curry plant and leaf.
    I am going to have to check into where to find it.
    From when I was young with hair about to my waist, I now find it grows only just so long. I would love to have it grow longer so I could braid and twist!

    1. Michelle Post author

      LOL, too funny, Annie. But you are right. If you can put it in your body, then blimey, you should be able to use on the outside as well.
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Den

    Hi, Michelle,

    Interesting article about using Curry leaves for hair growth. I am 55 years old but I still have a full head. I am taking care of my hair as I cannot stand being bald.

    I usually use natural stuff and being Asian I have a lot of experience in using natural products. Now I have another natural product to try sometime. Thanks a lot for the new information.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there, Den.
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, as we get more mature in years, we have to work a little harder to keep things ‘the same’. 🙂 Yes, I am also an advocate of using natural products – so much more healthy and no chemicals!
      All the best.

  4. Paul Severe

    Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for the post on hair growth really helpful. You are coming up with lot of useful and detailed information on hair growth. Main thing is many of your suggestions are herbal and easy to do. I appreciate it. Happy to see not only we get hair benefits but also health benefits. That’s great!

    Your Friend,

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Paul,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, I love herbal treatments and using them to cook as well as to help beautify. It certainly rules out the ‘chemicals’ that can be put in so many products and in the end, it might not be good for you or your hair. Stop by anytime. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  5. Lisa

    Your posts always provide so much great information. I had to laugh when your said ” My general thought on hair care and natural products is quite simple – if you can eat it, you can wear it! But it does make sense. The Curry Oil Infusion recipe sounds intriguing, I may have to give that a try. I know I love to eat foods with curry, I might as well try it on my hair.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Thanks for stopping by again, Lisa.
      Glad you got the humor in it! But it also true. Whatever we do to our bodies should be tolerant on both accounts – inside and outside! Please let me know how it goes when you ‘beef up’ the courage!
      All the best.

  6. Craig Williams

    Well, as a guy, I can tell you that we worry about our hair just as much as the ladies do– specifically how to keep as much of it as possible for as long as possible!

    I love the line “if you can eat it, you can wear it”. I never would have imagined using curry for one’s hair, but I agree that virtually all of the Indian women I know have rather amazing hair. I just figured there was something genetic going on.

    I’m not sure how I would feel about having my hair smell of curry, but I guess it depends on how noticeable it is and if it lingers for a long time. Probably a small price to pay for great hair.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Craig,
      Thanks for your visit. Yes, the women in the Indian culture certainly have beautiful, long, shiny, healthy-looking hair. I can’t remember seeing one without!
      Yes, you are right, it all depends on what your olfactory can take:) I have used onion juice in my hair and actually, it was not as pungent as I would have thought…and it did not linger, but the results were fabulous.
      All the best and do let me know if you are brave enough to try!

  7. Brittaney Verkuyl

    I never thought of using curry leaves for my hair. I have looked up a lot of natural products. I will have to try this and share my results!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Brittaney,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, there are so many fruits and vegetables, roots, and leaves that can all be used for our hair health. I would love to hear your experience when you get around to trying it.

  8. ariel

    Oh My curry! I am on this one! I do love curry in any form and the idea that it can used to give my hair a truly amazing. Thank you Michelle for always keeping us on top of what gifts are here for us to enjoy!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Ariel,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, I love curry as well. I find it amazing every day how much goodness we can find in our kitchens that can be helpful for our hair health. Sometimes the hair concoctions are more appetizing to eat than put in/on the hair!
      All the best.

  9. Grid

    Hey Michelle,
    Firstly, kudos for this amazing article. It’s very nice of you to share good things in life.
    Just a little sharing from my side. I’m an indian male, 33yrs old, who used to have unbelievable hair volume. Trust me, I would purposely shave my head bald every few months to make my life easier.
    When i was in mid 20s, my mpb kicked in. My hair grew thin and my scalp is visible. It’s embarrassing to stand underneath light with this shiny scalp.
    My aunty was devastated to see me after a long time. Hence made me curry leaf oil. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now. So far, i cant see any new hair growth. But i can vouch, that my hair loss has lessen tremendously and existing hair grows super fast.
    Keeping my fingers crossed, i hope to see new hairs sprouting. If i do, will definitely drop by and share with u guys.
    Thanks again Michelle for sharing goodness to the world.
    Regards Grid

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Grid,
      Thanks for sharing your experience…yes, hair loss of any kind – male or female is not a desired thing. Glad that curry leaves oil is proving to be helpful in one way so far, please come back and let us know how things work out for you over time.


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