Does Hair Texture Change With Age?

By | April 19, 2017
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does hair texture change with age

Have you ever wondered if your hair texture goes through changes the same way as your body does as it changes from birth, puberty, maturity?

My guess is a big, resounding ‘yes’, based on my own growth process as well as that of others that I have observed around me.


Your hair texture is usually determined by your genes.  The hair texture that you are born with is a combination of your mother’s and father’s genetic cells. A very common hair texture chart is the one formulated by Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey’s personal hair stylist.

With this chart, you can get an idea of the type of hair texture you have and how to maintain its health in the best way possible.


does hair texture change with age?

When you are born, your hair is a whole lot softer in texture. Just imagine, you have been in a sack of amniotic fluid for 9 months and that’s a whole lot of moisturizing going on!

Once you emerge into the world, then you immediately start having the effects of the environment on your tresses. The oxygen starts its drying effect; the sun continues with the same effect; the wind does its share of friction; and then you have good ‘ole water trying to repair the foregone effects.

Of course, as a baby, your mother takes care of your tresses as best as she can. She keeps your little head covered as much as possible, and she washes your hair as is necessary: allowing your sebum to moisturize and keep your hair soft. She also uses other products to ensure that your hair keeps its same softness as at birth.


does hair texture change with age

And now, here you are, a teenager going into the next stage of your life. Now you are more in control of your hair maintenance. This is the point where you tend to ‘break free from your mother’s grips’ and decide to do things on your own.

Here is where the experiments begin. You decide to wash your hair as you please, use any shampoo or conditioner you choose, trim or cut your hair when you please, use chemicals to change your hair texture if you choose; just begin to do all kinds of processes to your hair and sometimes without being aware of the consequences that abound.

If, you were to decide to follow a maintenance regimen of some hair care, you may keep the same texture you were born with; if on the other hand, you don’t take the time to maintain your tresses, without a doubt, it won’t love you in return and you will certainly not be happy about your ‘bad hair days’ that will surely be there in your future.


And now, you are all grown up. You are making your own decisions and invariably living with the consequences. I have noticed, speaking from my own experiences, that the hair texture of my hair has changed since birth and puberty.

As a baby, my mother told me that I had soft, shiny, straight, Indian hair. My father was half Indian and my mother was half Irish. My hair turned out to be more Indian in texture with soft curls. As I went through puberty, my hair texture became less curly and more straight and a little course or should I say thick in texture.

At a more mature juncture of my life, I have noticed that my hair texture has changed to a more curly hair pattern versus when it was straight at birth. I know this, because my mother has made numerous comments about how much my hair texture has changed. I find it very interesting.

I have learned to take more care of my hair in this later stage of life and I can see a big difference. I used to do chemical processes on my hair for more than 30 yrs. and then, on a path to eliminate chemicals or rather minimize the usage and the effects on my body – from inside to outside and vice versa – I stopped ‘cold turkey’.

In truth, it was a new learning experience for me. I did not know how to take care of my hair as a new ‘natural’. There were lots of trials and errors to greet me on its journey. However, I am happy that I made the choice to go natural. I love caring for my hair in its natural state. You can read more about hair care in my article about the maintenance of hair on a whole, here.


So, in review, it is my opinion that your hair texture will change over the course of your life. There are a few factors to consider why this might happen:

  • Your genetic hair structure
  • The environment – where you live and how you protect your hair in your day to day living
  • Your hair care regimen – and your use of products: chemical and non-chemical
  • Your nutritional intake – based on your health: whether you have a health condition or if you are just healthy
  • Chemical hair processes

In any event, I urge you to be mindful of your hair care and remember that all you do will surely result in a beautiful or not so beautiful frame for your face, and you do have the ability to make a difference.

Much success on your journey.

does hair texture change with age

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