The Age Of Hair: Under 50,Over 50 – Is There A Difference?

By | February 2, 2019
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The Age Of Hair: Under 50,Over 50 – Is There A Difference?

Is there such a thing as the age of hair? Like every precious commodity, hair ages – these are the hairy facts!

At birth, we may or may not come into this world with a full head of hair, maybe a fuzzy bit, or more likely – none.  And of course, when we leave this world, it might possibly be the same way we started as well – I could not resit to add this thought. LOL.

At birth, we may or may not come into this world with a full head of #hair, maybe a fuzzy bit, or more likely - none. Click To Tweet

In any event, given time – we chose to call it ‘aging’. Then it seems to take on a life of its own when it comes to :

  • texture
  • color
  • length

Let’s take a look at the foregoing attributes and see how they stack up.


It has been said more often than not, that hair texture is gauged by genetics – it’s all in the genes is the common cure-all when one has a bad ‘hair day’ or issues associated with hair.

In my opinion, this may be ‘curable’ in some of the circumstances. The ‘cure’ can take the form of hair extensions or constant usage of certain Ayurveda homeopathic remedies. It all depends on the consistency of the individual and the desire to make the difference in the first place.

When one refers to texture, we often mean the feel and look of the hair strand. Strands vary in size, shape and form. Hair strands can be thin or thick and on a head, it will equate to voluminous or thin and straggly: on it’s own without any form of ‘help’.

Here is a Hair Typing Chart to help you see where your hair strand fits best.

Hair Types chart and the age of hair


Ultimately, it is how one chooses to embrace what one has and to make the best of it.


Aaah, yes, the world of color.

At birth, the color of our hair can and sometimes does change as the time moves right along. I have seen that change first-hand in the tresses of my daughter. When she was born, she had a full head of hair, beautiful blondish, dark-brownish to almost black hair.

As she started her aging process, by about 8 months, her blonds were getting darker. And now, 11 yrs later, she has a smattering of blond highlights in the front facial area and a beautiful head of deep and rich dark brown over all. At this  point, it seems to be what’s happening with her age of hair period.

Beautiful natural hair

My daughter’s hair color and texture at 9-yrs.

Of course, apart from genetics giving you no choice in the matter, you can take matters in your own hands and have your choice of color – thanks to technology and manufacturing companies. I used to do the ‘color thing’ by way of chemical rinses and dyes, but I no longer indulge.

IF I choose to vary the color of my hair, I use natural coloring agents. My agent of choice is henna.  Added to the fact that henna is a great natural coloring agent, it is also a natural hair strengthener.


Hmmm….long, short, medium, or none? These are all possibilities of hair length. The length of your hair is a personal choice – most of the times. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • hair care – there are times when hair care habits play a BIG role in how you maintain your hair length
  • fashion choices – what is ‘a la mode’ for this season
  • health – then there are the other inevitable events in your life such as illness which will sometimes dictate this aspect of your hair as well as a good nutritional habit will result in a wonderful head of hair

All these things considered, the other side of the coin is the  ‘aging factor’.  And this leads one to look at certain factors:

  • emotional
  • nutritional
  • environmental

As we stay on this earth plane a little longer with each passing day, month, year – personal emotional events, atmospheric/environmental effects, personal health habits – all take their toll on our hair! It is not just the chronological aging aspect of one’s life.


As a baby, the effects are somewhat milder. There is nothing that a baby ‘worries’ about – so that most definitely will reduce any emotional effects on baby’s hair.

The mother does her best to ensure that baby is fed a nutritious diet to promote health and growth of their little body on a constant basis until baby reaches an age where baby ‘sits in the driver seat’ and takes over.

SO, more often than not, baby’s hair is always being cared for and looking good. Mother provides nutrition as well as environmental protection from the elements and emotional support.

And then, baby ages. The older we get, the more vigilant we need to be when it comes on to hair care. Then we have health issues – simple issues like stress which unsuspectingly can create havoc on our tresses. Then there are the bigger health issues which also takes its toll on not only our bodies, but our hair as well. It can not be stressed enough about the importance of ‘eating well’ and being aware of the nutrition that you need to provide for your body – especially as we become more mature.

From an emotional standpoint, it is so often that we do not realize the correlation of our emotions on the inside with our bodies’ reaction on the outside. It is a little like the cliche associated with computers – GIGO, ‘garbage in, garbage out’. This is not only with food intake, but emotional balance. A common emotional issue is stress and worry. This invariably causes hair loss.

So, we need to make that connection and minimize the emotional effects in any instance. Of course, on the other hand, the happier you are, the healthier you are as well and this flows over into a luxurious head of hair at any age!

Biogetica is one company that seeks to combine Ayurveda and natural alternatives to deliver the best solutions for Hair Loss. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee, it is worth checking out what they have to offer.


Biologically, our bodies go through changes – hormonal changes. This can result in a reduction or a surplus of some hormones which causes various effects on the body. This can be supplemented with vitamins and also enhanced with more organic dietary choices as well as simply ‘watching what you eat’!

It does not have to be a big project for self care, just a small effort to love yourself. Ensure that there is a healthy balance with your nutritional intake especially according to the food pyramid.


Unsuspectingly, the environment also plays a role in how our tresses look. The humidity can make our hair look ‘big’ and voluminous especially at times when that is not the look we are going for.

Then there is the matter of the sun and the dryness that it can create. All these different aspects of environmental attributes can be minimized by making small changes in how we care for our hair.

Simple changes like wearing a hat or hair cover during those very sunny days, applying sun screen (yes, hair does benefit from sun screen protection in the form of moisture protectants) to your hair, and wearing humectant products to help with the humidity. These are just a few things one can do to help reduce these effects.

What are your doing to make your mane a beauty to behold at any age? I hope this article about the age of hair was very eye-opening or should I say – ‘hair-raising ‘ for you.

Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear them.

Images courtesy of Pixabay.

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