Studio Dry Pile-Dry Technology Quick Dry Hair Towel Review 2018

By | July 30, 2018
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Studio Dry Pile-Dry Technology Quick Dry Hair Towel Review 2018

Here is something that we often do, maybe twice a day if the seasons have their way, and how about finding a way to make it easier? Well, drying our hair! Today we will look at Studio Dry Pile-Dry quick dry hair towel. There are ways to dry the hair and to do so without causing any friction or unnecessary rubbing of the hands or strands against each other.

Of course, the less manipulation, the better it is for your hair – be it your hands or any other material used to achieve the desire effect. Let’s see how best we can achieve this for our hair.

How Do You Dry Your Hair?

You might be wondering, how do you dry your hair? Or even if it is ‘a necessary evil’. Today, we will be looking at Studio Dry pile-dry hair towel, head wrap, and gloves as a way of drying your hair, or at the very least, getting rid of any excess water before you start your hair styling process. But before we get started, let’s look a few other things.

Ways To Dry Your Hair

studio dry hair towel

There are a few ways that anyone can choose to dry one’s hair. Whether it is to remove the excess water after cleansing it and leaving it in a damp state or maybe a little more and having it fully dry. Here is a list of possible ways:

  • Naturally
  • Blow drying
  • Air drying
  • Using Clothing – the more common being an old tee shirt
  • Using a Studio Dry Pile-Dry Technology towel or gloves – the subject of this article

Is It Necessary To Dry Your Hair?

In order to answer this question without bias, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of drying your hair. By doing this, you will more able to make an informed decision whether or not it is worth your time and effort when it comes to drying your hair.

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  • It will be dry enough, soon enough, so your clothes won’t be wet just by wearing your hair wet
  • It is always a good idea to remove the excess water from your hair before you start any hair styling process.
  • It will keep your clothes dry ( this is the humorous side of it)
  • It all depends on how you decide to dry your hair, too much heat might not always be a ‘good thing’.
  • If not done properly, it can lead to split ends and frizz – both things your hair can do without.


  • Too much manipulation can cause undue friction for your hair, especially as the hair strands rub against each other and create a static result
  • Without the best leave-in moisturizer, this can lead to dry, brittle hair


So Let’s Talk About Studio Dry Pile Dry Technology Towels, Turbans, and Gloves

The Story Behind The Creation

Patrica Coyne and Michael Victor have been in the hair dressing industry for over 30 years and have worked with all types of hair textures. Their primary concern is about providing the best products to help anyone to take care of their hair and to do so as effortlessly as possible.

The quick dry hair towel was created because of the challenge Patricia had with her own hair texture of curls and products. After some research, Patricia found a fabric that actually absorbed water from the hair though not from the skin. She then created (using her mother as her seamstress) a template using the fabric in the form of a pair of gloves.

What they discovered was this – when you added product on the hair before styling the product still absorbed into the hair and not the gloves!

This is due to the fact hair has a negative charge and styling product has a positive charge, the fabric has no charge.

Then the testing period was started with clients. They found a distributor in Ontario, Canada – headed by Stephen Flatt, CEO of Upper Canada Soap Company – and they embraced the concept and started production and as of today, there are the two types of turbans and the gloves in the trademarked fabric – pile-dry – and under the brand Studio Dry.

The products are created using a micro-weave fiber technology and it is a Trademarked technology called Pile-Dry which is designed exclusively to dry your hair faster. I was talking to the creator and accepted her offer to test-drive the products and boy, was I in for a surprise.

My usual ‘drill’ after cleansing my hair is a simple one hair regimen:

  • Pre poo my hair
  • Cleanse
  • Deep condition
  • Get rid of excess water
  • Moisturize
  • Air dry

I mostly air dry my hair as it 100x healthier for your hair versus any kind of applied heat -direct or indirect.

The main features:

  • Dries your hair 20x faster than usual with a traditional towel and 8x faster than a microfiber towel
  • Reduces blow drying time
  • Reduces the heat exposure to your hair
  • Reduces frizz because the pile is thick and soft so it doesn’t roughen up the cuticle which can create frizz
  • Gentle on the hair and does not cause friction of the hair strands against each other resulting in less damage
  • Hair feels softer and more voluminous
  • Can be used for any hair texture with the same fantastic results
  • It actually helps separate the curls, so your hair has more definition

And so my research began.

Turban Hair Towels

There are two types:


studio dry quick dry hair towel

  • A square towel measuring 19×34 inches with an elastic clasp
  • An actual hair turban with an elastic clasp

I liked using this towel ( well, both of them). The first time I used the towel, it was after cleansing my hair and I just wrapped up my hair in order to dry my body after my shower and then get dressed, so we are talking about 2-3mins.

It wasn’t until I started to continue with my hair process that it ‘dawned’ on me that my hair was not dripping. I applied my moisturizing leave-in conditioner and continued with the rest of my hair regimen.

The turban styled towel, was also easy to use. I kept it on while I did my house chores and this time it was after applying my leave-in. It did not ‘interfere’ with product retention of the leave-in.

Hair Drying Gloves

As it says, you will have a nice cuddly pair of hand gloves designed to dry your hair on your terms. Of course, it is not a ‘customized fit’, but it still does the job. The gloves are loose-fitting on your hands. However, you are able to roll them up at the wrist to encourage a snugger fit.

Once you simply ‘pat’ your hair with your hands in the gloves, the water is literally transferred to the gloves. I go one step further. I simply wring the gloves out before I ‘re-squeeze’ my hair. It really made a difference.

The wetness was greatly reduced and so was the excess water dripping all over me as well. They truly are very absorbing. A nice pair to have around the bathroom.

My Final Thoughts About Studio Dry Pile-Dry Technology Quick Dry Hair Towel Review 2018

In all honesty, I gladly recommend this product based on my personal experience. It is indeed gentle on your hair and does as it says it will. I would say that it ‘runs circles’ around an ‘old tee shirt’ by far (and I proudly declare being a user of this one) and it is definitely something you can add to your hair arsenal. Your hair will thank you for it!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Studio Dry Towels.

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6 thoughts on “Studio Dry Pile-Dry Technology Quick Dry Hair Towel Review 2018

  1. GiuliaB

    My problem with not blow-drying my hair or using a conventional hair dryerr is that, yes, my hair will not dry as fast naturally (I guess you can blame UK weather for this ?), but also with the fact that if I friction my head with a towel to try to naturally dry it faster, I end up loosing a lot of hair. Remember that as much as I wish my hair were frizzy, it is in fact very thin and straight – a right pain in so many ways.
    That turban, Michelle, is calling out to me. It would definitely solve my problem, as I’d be able to ditch the hair dryer and allow my hair to dry naturally without having to do much frictioning. Now, my hair is probably not much shorter than yours, but my question is this. Would you be able to tuck a longer mane of hair in the turban? Or do they come in different sizes?
    Once again, thank you for proposing a really useful Product, Michelle, really much appreciated:)

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there Giulia,
      Yes, hair and friction are not the best company of friends. However, I found these towels/turbans a great help. And to answer your question, the sizes are great and even with a lot of hair, you can still twist your hair and then use either. I hope it helps somewhat. We really have to be gentle with our hair, especially as we get older too. All the best.

  2. John

    As a person that lets his hair dry without any help, the turban would be the only one that I would use. I do use the towel to get some of the moisture out before putting on my shirt. Maybe this would keep me from loosing so much hair with each shower, I do have thin straight hair.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello John,
      Thanks for your visit. I love it when a man decides to take care of himself – in more ways than one – especially when it comes to his hair. Yes, air drying is great and by all means a healthy alternative. This turban/towel just helps it go a bit quicker. Try it out and by all means let me know. All the best.

  3. Christina

    I like the idea of this quick dry hair towel. I struggle with frizz and blow-drying my hair and vigorous towel rubbing makes it worse. I like to straighten my hair as well so it makes it even harder on the strands. Now I know why! If I leave it to dry on its own too much the curls can be ridiculous. Then trying to straighten it becomes even more difficult. I am going to try one of these towels and see if it will help cut down some of the problems and cause less damage to my hair. You always have the best tips!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there Christina,
      Thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, regular towels can certainly take a toll on your hair at some time or the other. These towels/turban will make the possibility less. I love them and so does my daughter – though her reason is different. At 11-years old, it is all about the texture – she loves the softness against her hands and hair. LOL. All the best and I hope it works out for you.


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