Benefits Of Urine Therapy

By | July 14, 2017
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Today’s article is about the benefits of urine therapy. This article is written by my guest writer Taetske. I found it quite interesting and eye-opening. I hope you will too. Please leave your comments in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

benefits of urine therapy

An Ancient Therapy for modern day use.

Information on an Ancient Therapy for Modern Day Use

Some of you might have heard of this therapy before and for others, it will be a novelty. What I do know is that many people wrinkle their noses and say: What? You are suggesting to use my own Urine? Well, yes! Urine Therapy has been used thru out the ages by all cultures worldwide. I would like to give you some examples and also tell you about my personal experience with it.

In 1695 a book came out under the title “Salmon’s English Physician”. There we can read about the many applications urine has, and I quote:

  •  If used inwardly it helps with obstructions of the liver, spleen, gall and also with Dropsie, Jaundice, Stoppage of the terms in women, the Plague and all manners of malign fevers.
  • If used outwardly it cleanses the skin by washing it, especially with warm urine. It heals and dries up wounds even though made with a poisoned weapon. It cures dandruff, scurf and when used on the pulses it cools the heat of fever.
  • It helps in the case of Convulsions, Migraine, Lameness, Rheumatism and Hypochondriac diseases.
  • It opens obstructions of the reins and urinary passages, dissolves tartarous coagulations in those parts, breaks and expels stone and gravel.I think this is already an impressive list to take in consideration.
  • In the 18th century, it was recommended as an excellent mouthwash by a Parisian dentist. The Llamas of Tibet and the Yogis often use their own urine for the duration of their whole life. That is also why they can traverse deserts which are impossible for ordinary mortals.
  • Gypsies have known for centuries of the healing properties of urine.
  • Soldiers have known to pee in their boots when on long marches to prevent or heal blisters.
  • People who have the misfortune to get lost at sea would be well advised in drinking their own urine instead of seawater. Like that they would survive many more days.

There are many more examples in history on the use of urine but that would take too long for this post.

Nowadays we know that during night time our body, the perfect factory, produces hormones. Multiple hypophysial hormones, the hormones of the adrenal and of the sexual glands have been found in the morning urine. Also, the hormone which makes you happy, one more reason to drink it.

You, the reader, may object to all this information saying something like: How can it be good to reintroduce into one’s body something the body has expelled? Just look at Nature and you will see it’s intelligent way of functioning. Dead leaves fall to the earth, lying there, decomposing and like that providing nourishment for flowers, bushes, and trees.

What we call Fauna and Flora relies on this system as it provides the means for everything to grow healthy. We should not think Nature is wasteful, that is erroneous. The rotting leaves have most valuable mineral salts for the soil, one of them being Potassium.

Having said this, one can come to the conclusion that reintroducing urine to the body will certainly have benefits. I think a urine analysis will give you an idea of the valuable constituents entrained. These micronutrients are necessary for our bodies but are lost in our urine:

  • Urea N ( nitrogen )
  • Urea Creatinine
  • N Creatinine
  • Uric acid
  • N Uric acid
  • Amino N
  • Ammonia N
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Inorganic sulphate

You can imagine it was not easy to find a picture to illustrate this post. I had to think about it quite a while. Suddenly, it dawned on me. What better than the Manneken Pis of Brussel. A statue of 1618, the legend says the little boy got lost and when his father found him, he caught him in the act of …

benefits of urine therapy

I would like to tell you my personal and also wonderful story even if the story is a sad one. It happened some 15 years ago, my Mother was still alive and lived in her house next to me. One late afternoon the neighbor came to warn me that their dog had attacked one of my cats outside my property.

Instead of taking my car up on the road to the cat I went running over there. She was on the ground and there was no blood to be seen. I picked her up and with her last strength, she bit me in my thumb. I started bleeding so I could not drive and called my Mother.

We first went to the vet and then proceeded to the first aid center in the village. There they cleaned the wound and put a spray on. Coming back to the vet we got the sad news that my cat was too bad and had to be put out of her misery. We took her home to be buried.

That evening my thumb started to throb badly so I took the spray, which was like a plastic layer off and for the first time had a real good look. There was a big hole through my thumbnail and on the other side, there also was a hole. I made a wrap with gauze and put my bandaged thumb in a glass of urine. Then I put some cellophane and tape so it could not fall off. I repeated this procedure in the morning and evenings without taking the gauze off, I just kept it wet with urine. The first 2 days it did hurt some but then that stopped.

After 1 week I dared to look. A miracle had happened! There was absolutely no sign what so ever, of the cat bite. My nail had healed completely and on the back of my thumb, here was no scar. It looked as if nothing had happened.

I firmly believe that urine is good for your skin, heals wounds and that drinking your morning urine is beneficial for your health. It is always good to keep an open mind, like that many useful things can be found.

I hope you found the information in my post of interest. Please feel free to visit my website:

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Taetske Guillaume


4 thoughts on “Benefits Of Urine Therapy

  1. Michael

    A friend told me about this practice and although I have never tried it, it seems to be logical and should be one of the methods I keep in my personal book of healing secrets. Like my personal favorite.
    I was sailing in the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) with some friends and one of them cut himself badly with a hunting knife. He immediately immersed the injured hand in a bucket of fresh sea water. Within minutes the bleeding had stopped and in one or two days, the cut had developed a membrane and all. No scab and no scar. While sailing with this same friend in the Caribbean, I injured my thumb so badly that a patch of skin about 3 cm in diameter had been removed. As soon as possible, I repeated what I had witnessed him do and put my hand in a bucket of fresh sea water. Again, the bleeding stopped and new skin developed within days. I do not have a scar on that thumb (and yes I still have that thumb).

    If I need to, I will save my own life by drinking my urine.


    1. Michelle Post author

      Wow, this is magical. Hello there, Michael! Thanks for stopping by and sharing that wonderful story. It is funny, my next article will be about the amazing uses for salt. It is not ‘sea water’per se, but I will be mentioning the great things that sea/salt water can do for the body.
      Yes, the urine therapy can be a ‘hard pill to swallow’ but then again, there are some things that ‘does a body good’ that we sometimes hesitate to use. Be safe and if you come up with or are exposed to any other life-saving tips, be sure to stop by and leave a comment.

  2. Linda Frankson

    Very interesting post. I do a lot of investigation on self-reliance and one is a water purifier that takes out 99.9 of the bacterias out of the contaminated water and leaves the minerals that keep the water live. On one of the tests, they used urine to demonstrate the capacity of the purifier. the test was then put through the Lab and it came out one of the best test performed on contaminated water.

    Even though urine might be beneficial in it usage there are other factors that contaminate the urine. Like medications that are used and abused that are sold over the counter, prescription drugs, toxins and heavy metals that come through our water, our food chain, even the air we breathe every single day. All these leave the body through our BM and urinal track. I would be hesitant to use it if I didn’t have some kind of water purifier in place.

    But if worst came to worst to save lives maybe but I think that would be my last resource. All in all, it was a good informative post

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there Linda,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, isn’t it interesting how our body works. I feel the same way as you do about ‘urine’ to the rescue – dire circumstances require dire plans!
      Very interesting test and results that you have written. And without a doubt, the end result of your urine does depend on so many factors of your health and habits.
      Thanks so much for sharing and do visit again and provide any useful feedback.


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