My Tan Mujiang Wooden Hair Comb & Brush Review

By | April 8, 2019
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My Tan Mujiang Wooden Comb & Brush Review

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In this wooden hair comb & brush review, we will discover Tan Mujiang, a company that specializes in handmade and hand painted wooden hair products. Have you ever heard of the company Tan Mujiang? It is a company in China that manufactures wooden hair combs & brushes made from natural wood.

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They have been around since 1993, and making wooden hair products for more than 25years. They take pride in their workmanship. Their products are handcrafted and hand painted. They have a local manufacturing based in Birmingham, Michigan which provides seamless free shipping across the United States.

What Is So Special About This Wood?

The types of wood used for making these wooden hair comb & brush ornaments are: Teak, Boxwood, Swartzia and Chacate Preto. These woods are known for being:

  • Durable
  • Mold proof – somehow staves off mold buildup
  • Retains the natural oils even after being processed for various uses
  • Various types of hardwood which are known for their sturdiness and durability

Who Can Use These Wooden Hair Comb & Brush Products?

Princess Lazy Cat Natural Detangling wooden hair comb

Princess Lazy Cat Natural Detangling Comb

Well, hair products are not mindful of the gender of its users. Anyone can use the wooden comb or brush. Though, quite honestly, I think the majority of its users will be more likely females. The products are gentle on the hair. As with any hair texture, use the products gently. Because they are handmade, they tend to be much gentler on the hair.

The Advantages Of Using Wood For Hair Ornaments

Of course, most brushes are made from hardened plastic and sometimes even metal, in this case it is the complete brush – the base and the bristles. However, some of the better points in using wood for hair accessories are:

  • Use of natural components which is environmentally friendly
  • It will not irritate the scalp during use because of the rounded edges
  • It is easy to clean
  • Ergonomic design – fits right into you palm
  • Easy to use
  • It will not snag at your hair strands
  • Easy feel to a scalp massage
  • Sturdy feel to them
  • Handmade and durable
  • Anti-static and does not ‘pull’ your hair

Are There Any Cons From Using A Wooden Hair Comb Or Brush?

Well, of course, it is always a great thing to be able to review the pros and cons for any product that you decide to spend your money on, so let’s see in this instance:

  • The price – even though it is great investment over the long term, because it will outlive its hardened plastic relatives, the price might prove to be prohibitive.
  • The care/upkeep – washing wood ornaments is recommended, however, you have to ensure that they are well-dried because this could lead to mold and the eventual fragility of the brush itself.
  • In the case of the comb – there is only one size and this is a bit restrictive because sometimes you might want a comb with ‘smaller spaces’ between each tooth. The same in the case of the brush, it is not meant to be a brush to really brush ‘stray-away hairs’ back in order.

Where To Purchase These Wooden Hair Products

You can purchase these hair products – hair brush and comb by accessing this LINK

Things I Like About Tan Mujiang Brush & Comb

Well, being honored to be granted the privilege of trying out the products, here is my honest opinion:

  • The packaging – simple beautiful – the brush comes in beautiful box that mimic a ‘wooden look’. You can re-purpose the container for sure or simply use it to house the products on your counter top, furniture.
  • The actual design of the brush – it is a cute product that ‘sits in the palm of your hand’ easily. Using it was easy. Same for the comb, it nestles into your palm.
  • Both brush and comb are easy to use and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean using cold or warm water and shampoo to lift oils from your hair use.
  • Free shipping was seamless.

Things That I Did Not Like About The Products

Well, quite honestly, I must admit that though they might be a perfect combination of hair tools, I did find them:

  • A bit pricey for the person on a budget.
  • Not enough variety in terms of the comb sizes, i.e. the spacing between the comb teeth.
  • The company does not offer a refund policy , however, there is a replacment policy in place if the brush loses a bristle or the comb should break.

My Final Thoughts About Tan Mujiang Wooden Hair Comb & Brush Review

Well, I think that the products are nice and environmentally appealing, and this is a huge plus in the preservation of the environment on the one hand – easily recyclable vs harden plastic; though on the other hand, it might also impact the use of trees that might be needed to balance our environment as well. It could prove to be a ‘catch-22’.

These are great hair products to have in your arsenal of hair tools – not only for the functionality of their use but also their aesthetic beauty. Don’t take my word for it, check them out and be sure to leave some feedback once you do. Enjoy.

Images courtesy of Tan Mujiang and Pixabay.

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4 thoughts on “My Tan Mujiang Wooden Hair Comb & Brush Review

  1. suzanne

    Hi Michelle,
    These are beautiful combs! I’m thinking they’d make great gifts for the grandkids too. The unique designs might entice them to comb out their hair more often, LOL.
    Are these combs good for any hair type?
    The little mirrors are also adorable.
    The price is a little high, but Grandma’s love to spoil!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Suzanne,
      Your comment made me smile – The price is a little high, but Grandma’s love to spoil! – I so agree on both accounts…lol. I gave them as gift to my daughter and she lves them, she is 12 yrs old. I think it does encourage her to comb her tresses more often. And yes, it is so gentle on the hair and I suspect for any hair type.
      Lemme know how it goes for your grand-gifts.


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