Benefits of using natural hair products

By | August 27, 2016

There are innumerous benefits to using natural hair products. The color of your hair does not matter – whether it is black, brown, blond, purple, or whatever mutation there can possibly be. A word to the wise is sufficient – color can be harmful to one’s hair especially if it is chemically enhanced. Yes, there are natural ways to color one’s hair, so color can still be an option for all types of hair. The genetic build of your hair does not matter, be it african, asian, nordic, black, caucasian, indian, or any mix of these genetic build. It is a fact that natural products give better results for hair.


I am sure that there are many benefits, however, given this time and space, only a few will be outlined below :

  • using natural products minimizes the damage on one’s hair strands. Once our hair grows above the scalp or skin, it is ‘dead’ and starts aging with each day that it stays attached to the scalp or skin. It is effectively very fragile and needs to be handled with loving care. Just like washing clothing, after several washes by hand or in the wash machine, the color may fade, the fabric becomes stressed and possibly frayed, the actual construction of the garment becomes compromised – so it is with our hair.
  • less chemical usage means longevity for your stresses. The actual strand will be less stressed in the sense that its component starting with the hair cuticle, will remain in tact better to help give your hair that length one seeks because it is strong enough to grow longer and not weaken and prone to breakage due to stress.
  • healthier hair is an automatic result. With continued usage of natural products, one will find that hair will be softer, shinier because the cuticle is not stressed and the light is better reflected off your strand and usually longer hair.
  • more health safety related in terms of allergic reactions. With natural hair products, you are better able to do a  patch test without worrying too much  about an adverse reaction which could take you to the doctor’s office. Don’t misunderstand me – one can still have allergic reactions to nature and its resources, but they won’t leave you bald because of chemical misuse or overuse.

So, all said and done, if you have never considered using natural products as a new source for hair care, there is no time like the present – you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Benefits of using natural hair products

  1. Fay

    Hi Michelle,

    Great advice to use natural hair products. This really helps me become more aware of the quality of hair products that we use. Natural hair products are more friendly to hair while chemicals can damage hair and scalp or even cause hair loss. I also want to find the right product for me, are there any way to tell if the product is natural and high quality?

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello Fay, thank you so much for stopping by.Yes, we need to focus more on natural products to get the job well, if not better done. Basically, you need to be a ‘label/ingredients checker’. Before you buy a product, quickly look at the label listing the ingredients. Usually the first 5 ingredients will help you make a decision. Make sure water is one of them. If you can not pronounce the ingredient, just google it so you can be more aware of what it is and what it does. The less of those complicated words, the better. Please check back from time to time, I am still compiling my natural recipes which should make it easier for you too. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Jon

    Hi Michelle,

    My girlfriend said she makes sure she uses natural products on her hair now instead of artificial ones. She said she’s never had any problems with hair damage since only using natural products now. Thanks for sharing this great information!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hello there, Jon. Wonderful! Yes, natural products will surely make a beneficial difference in anyone’s beauty or health routine. It is my pleasure to share information that can be helpful to everyone. Thanks for stopping by and once in a while, come back and visit!


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