The Science of Black Hair

A great read about hair care on a whole is The Science of Black Hair by  Audrey Davis-Sivasothy


This book delves in the uncharted course of black haircare for the beginner through the eyes of its author. It is like a technical layout for hair and is very detailed. The author combines hair science, research and testimonies which examine black hair on a much deeper level. There are full-color photographs and color-tab organization which enhances the whole reading experience.

Readers will learn how to:

  • maintain chemically-treated or natural hair in the best health
  • stop hair breakage using protein/moisture balancing method
  • regulate product pH balance resulting in shinier and healthier hair
  • grow longer,stronger and healthier hair for all times

Other features include:

  • building a haircare regimen
  • glossary of ingredients
  • interviews
  • actual hair photos at a microscopic level

In my opinion, it is worth a read if you are serious about black hair care.

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