Comparison Between D-I-Y vs Pre-Made Natural Hair Products

By | August 30, 2016
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sherlock holmes looking for answers between premade vs diy products


As a detective, Sherlock Holmes never took anything at face value, he was always on the look-out for anything that appeared normal but in truth was a smokescreen to his eagle eyes. And this is how we should all be – very aware of the advantages and disadvantages of everything we use in our hair!

One thing I know that I need to be more aware of is the reading of labels on premade hair products. We should focus on the first 5 main ingredients cited on the label. This should give us some sort of basic information as to the quality o the product. It will take some practice, but in the long term, your hair will surely benefit from your educated and informed choices.

In order to help one make the best decision for anything or anyone, no one is exempt from comparison – it’s just basic human nature to compare!

Stay with me for a while as we go over together the pros and cons of using DIY  hair products versus pre-made hair products.

Let’s jump right into it!

Do-it-Yourself Natural Hair Products


natural hair products like orange oil
  • no chemicals.
  • natural vitamins coming from nature itself.
  • gentler and healthier for your tresses.
  • you determine how much and when you need it.
  • cost effective and easy on the pocket – sometimes a little goes a long way.
  • you know and control the ingredients in any batch of product you make.
  • the shelf life of the product might be unstable without any preservative. Though there are a few natural preservatives that can prolong the life of the product for at least two weeks.
  • sometimes, due to geographical location, the ingredient might not be available locally.
  • allergic reactions.


Pre-made Natural Hair Products

Pre-Made Natural Hair Products for sale in beauty salon


  • convenience – at one’s fingertips – and ready to be used.
  • takes the ‘math’ out of the figuring it out equation when it comes to product measurements for making your own hair products.


  • price factor – too expensive at times.
  • not too many companies providing the market’s needs, especially with so many women starting their natural hair journey.
  • allergic reactions – sometimes even stronger than a DIY made-product.
  • no control on the ingredients and the percentage amounts listed on the product label.



And now, drumroll…


Final Decision


Everything Rests With The Individual!

You decide EVERY TIME what is best for you.

The factors are many:

  • hair texture
  • hair length
  • time on your hands
  • money in your pocket
  • availability of ingredients and products

take your time, educate yourself and do the best for your hair.  You can start this learning process anytime. Your hair sometimes will be the deciding factor for some people, and sometimes sooner than they expect!

I know the whole process of deciding might be overwhelming, but one thing is for sure – your hair will appreciate the time you took to educate yourself and to take action.

It will thank you for it, no matter what you decide.

Thanks for stopping by and know that I encourage your feedback!

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