Natural Hair Moisturizers


This is so very important for black natural hair – moisture, moisture, moisture! I can’t say it enough. In my opinion , the best tip for hair growth and length retention for black natural hair is the moisture balance when caring for our hair.

I will give an example of how moisture can ‘seep’ away from something as simple as a slice of bread. Leave a fresh slice of bread on your counter top early in the morning, and then return to it later in the evening. You will find that the bread becomes dry and hard, literally toast, naturally,  and without the help of  the man-made toaster oven.

I use this example to give you an idea of how the environment can ‘wreak havoc’ on the moisture factor of our bodies – hair and skin included. This is why it is of paramount importance that we do all we can to ensure the moisture balance of our hair. We can achieve this by either making our own moisture products or using pre-made moisture products. Let’s look a few homemade products.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel (fresh or bought)

VO5 conditioner (your choice of flavor-kiwi, strawberry, etc)


Oil (your choice of coconut, olive or castor oil)

I do not give measurements because I usually ‘eye-ball’ the quantities which also depends on how much I need to use in my hair and for how many times. Because I am using natural ingredients most of the times, I prefer to mix small quantities because of the shelf life associated with natural products. As a guideline, I usually use a 1:1 ratio of a soup spoon/table spoon.

So, put one spoonful of all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. You can use your wrist or a small handheld blender to ensure a good mix. Once mixed, simply add the mix to freshly cleansed hair before sealing.

You can even re-apply the moisturizer after a few days by spraying your hair with a little water and then re-applying more moisturizer, then sealing again. Your hair will thank you on a daily basis.